January, February And March 2018 Beauty Finds

Beauty Finds is back!

I’ve been using or have been using these products over the past few months giving them a month or 2 to see how my skin likes them. Some products you know straight away they’re an oh yeah!, or a nah, I pass. Others there’s something about them you give a little more time to shine and then there’s the I really want it to work, the packagings’s so cute, review are great, admitting it’s a does nada product. 

When it comes to my beauty products, skin care and make up there a few things I look for. Cruelty free, no animal testing, no selling in China when say your cruelty free (China’s gradually changing it’s policy on imported cosmetics, however until there’s an official announcement I’m boycotting brands that sell in China. Even when China stops animal testing those brands still aren’t getting my pennies). No animal ingredients apart from honey as I’m a bad vegan who loves honey or crap ingredients such as SLS’s, parabens, phthalates, petroleum or it’s derivatives, synthetic colours etc. A few get through with 2nd, 3rd generation derivatives if I don’t know the names or with make up as in Spain my choice is limited (imported depends on if it’s point of entry’s another EU county them I’m fine for customs. Spain doesn’t allow the import of make up). Palm oil like petroleum and it’s derivatives I try to avoid. I prefer oranguatans, tigers and gibbons more. 

My skin’s oily, acne prone targeting anti aging and yes, my obsession with Korean skin care and cosmetics isn’t going anywhere.

Dr Organic Organic Rose Otto Oil of Rosa Damascena Face Mask

One of the things I like about the Dr Organic lines is nearly everything is under €10 in Druni. Products are free from parabens, SLS, synthetic colours, DEA, pthalates, petrolatum, glycols, BHT, isothiazolines, mineral oil and silicones with most are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Not all products I’ve tried I’ve liked or have worked however the majority I’ve repeat purchased. Like this one, the Organic Rose Face Mask.

It’s claim

‘Organic Rose Otto Oil is a rich hydrating and moisturising essential oil with renowned skin toning and anti-aging proprietary blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients including mineral rich Kaolin (China Clay). This nutrient rich clay based formulation draws oil from the pores wile ridding the sun’s surface of sea cells and impurities stimulating circulation deep into the capillaries to leave the skin younger in appearance, toned, regenerated and purified.’  

‘On the surface it’s an organic pore cleansing face mask, deep down it’s a bioactive deeply replenishing face lift…. Dr O’

Does It Pros

It is like a mini face lift and leaves my skin looking better. Forehead lines look less defined, my skin feels clean and smooth. 

It’s a great fast acting clay mask with a 10 minute drying time which is great when your short on time and want a clay mask. I think this down to calcium carbonate in addition to kaolin and maybe zinc oxide.

I have noticed a difference when I use this. My pores appear happier and my skin feels great.

Does It Cons

The rose scent at times can be overpowering and can sting my eyes at times. When it’s drying it can at times feel like the rose oil also’s stinging. It has clove flower oil and geranium oil which could also cause this. I also forgot, releasing in editing this that I react to ioseugenol with can be obtained from cloves. Great one Nat.

As it dries so quickly it can leave my skin feeling dehydrated if I’ve left it on for 15-20 minutes if I’ve forgot the time. I recommend using this at night when you can use a heavier moisturiser afterwards. Even 10 minute the recommended time I find my skin wants as much moisturiser as possible. It doesn’t feel like all the natural oils have been stripped away or leave my skin feeling tight however my skin wants a little extra when I use it. 

I wouldn’t say it’s deep cleanings or maybe it is as I’ve noticed it it draws pore sebum but doesn’t remove it. Even rinsing with a muslin cloth and warm water. 

Kiss My Face Face Factor Suncreen SPF 50

I’m always on the lookout for good sunscreens that don’t cost a fortune. I’m currently looking for a good physical sunscreen or a good mix of a chemical and physical sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast. This got good reviews on iherb for a chemical sunscreen. Bonus it’s vegan.

It’s Claim

 ‘Effective antioxidant rich, anti-aging sunscreen helps protect delicate skin year round.’

Does It Pros

It’s SPF 50

It’s cheap 

Does It Con’s

I didn’t like it’s scent. It has a sunscreen smell that doesn’t disappear throughout the day. 

It feels like glue on.

It’s not good under makeup. While I don’t mind a bit of oil, this left me feeling greasy.  I didn’t give it enough chance to see how it protects against the sun. I started to use as a running sunscreen which is what I do with sunscreens I don’t like, however the smell and feel I ended up not using it.

Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream

Aromatica’s one of my favourite vegan Korean brands. Products can be pricey however you get your money’s worth with generous sized bottles! This tube’s 150g! Bonus it’s a vegan body moisturiser as well as a face cream. Used solely as a body lotion everyday, it’s not economical. Used as facial cream, yes. It took me nearly 3 months to get through it as a day cream. 

It’s Claim

‘A light but intensive moisturising cream formulated with ceramics to prevent loss of moisture and tamarindus indica seed polysaccharide to keep your skin moisturised. This unscented soft cream is suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin, with containing calendula floral water instead of purified water.

‘Aromatica’s Calendula Juicy Cream formulated with Ceramide and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide deeply hydrates skin and retains moisture for longer. A safe and gentle natural cream is suitable for sensitive skin and perfect for babies too. To alleviate stressed skin, this natural cream contains 48% Calendula extracts instead of water, which is exceptional for calming skin. Contains Palmitamide MEA to alleviate sensitive skin and itchy skin caused by dryness.’

Does It Pros

It’s lightweight and not too watery which is great for oily skin.

Calendula’s known for calming down skin which help to minimise breakouts. No breakouts with this cream!

No silicones! This could be a con if you want your skin to look smooth or pores and lines filled in. I avoid silicones as they clog and stretch pores, filling in the cracks while avoid addressing the cracks. 

Does It Cons

I have oily skin that loves a super light hydrating moisturiser. While I’d get this cream again if I couldn’t find another I liked, I found sometimes I had to apply twice and only after final suncreen step my skin felt hydrated. 

If you looking for a cream that also helps against or delay wrinkles maybe skip this one. This is more or for me a basic moisturiser if you want essences and serums to do the heavy anti aging, brightening work with this providing final hydration. Depending on your view this could be a pro. 

Berrisom Vitamin C + Arbutin Animal Sheet Mask

I don’t get the connection between vitamin C, arbutin and sheep! If ordered from yes style.com €10-14 cheaper for 10 masks the link above.

It’s Claim 

‘A brightening sheet mask. With Vitamin C, Sheep Animal Sheet Mask promotes a bright, healthy complexion. Moisturising and softening, the sheep print mask soaks quickly into the skin to revitalise and protect leaving soft, shining skin.’

Does It Pros

Well, it’s been my go to for making me look alive, like I’ve slept, been eating loads of kale for a healthy glow, improving overall skin texture.

Brightens skin and smooths* out fine lines! *Temporarily. 

My skin feels hydrated afterwards and is happy with moisturiser, suncream afterwards and doesn’t feel like it needs more hydration 10 minutes later. 

The scent isn’t overpowering. It reminds of tropical mixed fruit juice: orange, pineapple, grapefruit and lime or orange chalk sweets/candy that come in a plastic thing you pushed up. 

Does It Cons

It has some ingredients that I should really say no to. Namely some preservatives however they’re not parabens and are way down the list. I’ve yet to find a sheet mask that hasn’t at least one sketchy ingredient. 

The waste for one sheet mask. For someone that’s trying to reduce recycling and plastic waste, the packaging doesn’t help as it’s one mask per pack. 

The sheet is quite thick and doens’t cover all my face. Forehead, yes, sides of face no. I tear the mask near the bridge of my nose for a snugger fit under the eyes and on my nose. As it’s a tougher fabric to tear, after tearing the mask shrinks a bit, gathers up at the tear. However compared to others I’ve tired in this line, it tears easier.

The Berrisom animal mask have animals printed on with ears! I fold the ears down to above getting product on my hair that peeks through a head band or towel. If I use a sheet mask it’s in the morning when I wash my hair. 

Aromatica Neroli Brightening Facial Oil

Perhaps the one Aromatic product that isn’t generous in size or cost. $48US/€40 on StyleKorean for 30ml. However ordering from stylekorean saves on custom charges (touch wood) as opposed to ordering direct from Aromatica thanks to the shipping label. 

It’s Claims

‘An organic facial oil to improve dull skin caused by stress, UV and aging. 

Aromatica’s Neroli Brightening Facial Oil contains 6 essentials oils including mandarin, neroli and jasmine oils. 

100% plant derived, 99% organic ingredients. 

Organic babassu seed oil blocks moisture loss while organic sunflower oil helps strengthen skin’s barrier for elasticity.

Neroli oil and carrot seed oil containing rich nutrients help nourish skin. Mandarin peel oil makes skin radiant and regenerated.

This organic oil contains α- Bisabolol which is extracted from Candeia tree and it helps to restrain melanin synthesis for skin brightening.’

Does It Pros

I’m on my 2nd bottle and have ordered a 3rd!

Give me a glow like I regularly eat kale (which I haven’t. Kale shortage around here).

It’s expensive however it’s worth it’s weight in gold. I ran out for a week and noticed a difference in skin texture without it, dull skin. It brightens giving a healthy glow without feeling too dry like some facial oils can leave my skin. 

It sits well under another facial oil, moisturiser, suncream and make up. Yes, my routine takes a while. I’m low key when it comes to my hair – no time as I spent it on skin!

I think it’s helping with fine lines. 

Hasn’t clogged up my pores

Does It Cons

The price! $48 for 30ml’s expensive.

Using too much. A little goes a long way. Sometimes in a rush I use too much and end up looking oily. I have worked out what’s too much in my palm and thanks to the pippet able to drawn some back up. 

Find the right amount to use too a while. It’s not an easy oil to spread and massage in. Too little feels like your dragging your skin, too much, I end up looking too glow oily.

Yerbas Vivis Jabon Natural Chocolate 

Who doesn’t want a chocolate body soap! 

It’s Claim

Translated from Spanish. I may have got a few words incorrect. 

‘Made exclusively with nature vegetable oils and aromatic plant extracts. Contains no palm oil or it’s derivatives. Artistan manufactured using cold press achieving a magnificent soft, rich gylerince soap for all skin types. Without preservatives.’

Does It Pros

It doesn’t smell sickly chocolaty. More a low key cinnamon velvet chocolate.

Leaves my skin feeling clean with feeling like everything’s/oil’s been stripped away after showering. I still use a body lotion afterwards. Always have, always will.

It’s made locally in the next province down, Valencia. Less transport pollution. Makes up for ordering from Korea no? If you think so Nat.

All natural ingredients and not that many ingredients!

No palm or it’s derivatives. Finding a cruelty free soap without palm oil’s hard and this is one of reasons I chose to try this line. 

Does It Cons

I’ve been using this with other Yerbas Vivis soaps in between and it might I’m not sure be the cause of some ezcema. I have a patch that’s flared up a few months ago that comes and goes on my neck possibly with this particular soap. I’m not sure what’s causing it however after I last started using this, it flared up again. However it could be a perfume in a shop that irritates my eyes, climbing chalk, anything! 

It used to come just in a paper sleeve. Now it comes wrapped in plastic and the paper sleeve. The no plastic wrapping was also a reason I chose this line to try! However for now it’s the least amount of packaged cruelty free soap I can find. 

I get thought about a bar every 1.5-2 weeks as they’re not very big. Cost per use isn’t that effective at €2 a bar for 100g. However no crap ingredients. 

Have you tried any of these beauty finds? What’s your favourite beauty product at the moment? What do you look for in skin care?


  1. says:

    A soap bar every 1.5-2 weeks? That’s a lot, no? The ones I use (not this brand) are also between 80-120 grams and they last for way more! Maybe we are using them in very different ways? Haha!

    1. says:

      I think we must be! I use it as a body soap instead of shower gel. I think some must get washed away when it’s in it’s shower soap dish and I foam it up to shave my legs. The coconut one for regular hand soap lasts a lot longer!

      1. says:

        I also use it in the shower! I noticed some brands foam more and last less (ie. Lush).

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