Burnt Toast

Every now and then the debate comes up when am I going to make dinner. Paul usually does as he lives and breathes food and cooking. In his words, not mine, ‘why keep a dog and bark yourself? I whip something up when he’s on watch, throughout the summer when he’s away, when he’s tired or when I complain like last week, dinners have been different (he likes to experiment) and I haven’t enjoyed them as much as usual. That got me….you make it tomorrow then! Err…Okay!

For the record, he cooks and I clean, do the laundry and other house stuff. His current boat winters in dock and he’s cooking for just staff crew, 9-5, so it’s not hardcore cooking like in the summer. 16 hours plus a day for days on end. No way if he was here and working those hours, I’d let him cook. I would have something ready for when he got back.

We scrapped our plans Saturday due to the rain. Menton this time of year puts on a lemon festival creating famous buildings out of lemons and oranges. We’ve never been and our list of things to do around here is getting smaller so we thought, why not. However walking around in cold drizzle isn’t fun, so we scrapped it. Not that desperate to go! After I got my workout fix we went to Nice instead. Total body strength circuit with bird/dog press ups, suspension trainer inverted rows and kettle bell push presses in the mix.IMG_4204

We thought the Carnival would be cancelled due to the rain (no, they’re hard core carnivalers! We would have gone if it wasn’t €20 entry per person) and be able to park okay. We ended up parking way from the centre, had a good walk in and found some cool buildings along the way. Mini Parisian style turrets, balconies and doors. That’s the best thing about parking away from the main crowd and down side streets, you find all kind of amazing building and shops you wouldn’t normally find.

Blurry sea on the way in to Nice.IMG_4212

Anyway, back to dinner. When we got back, tiredness hit me like a brick. I bargained with Paul, I’d make dinner the next day. I could hardly keep my eyes open eating!

Sunday I woke to feed the cats and curled up back in bed. Not like me, once I’m up (being talkative is a whole another thing, especially if you like your head!). I felt like cr*p and thought a run might make me feel better. It did for about about 30 minutes afterwards. I must have picked up something from the kids I teach. Quite a few were sick this week. Paul plied me with some interesting smoothies (lettuce and mango? It’s actually quite refreshing and tasty!) and I fancied in the afternoon avocado and tomato on toast. I asked if he wanted some and whacked the grill up.

Speedy up ahead. His idea of running slow, is my idea of fast.IMG_4217IMG_4215Boats enjoying the wind post runIMG_4219 7km done. Can I go back to sleep now?! IMG_4223

I open the door to put the bread in and whoosh get a face full of smoke and melted plastic! Paul rushes to open the window before the smoke alarm goes off. Too late! I can’t reach it without getting a chair so he reaches up on top of the cupboard to switch it off and it all kicks off! Instead of disconnecting the smoke detector he grabs the carbon monoxide one thinking it’s the smoke one and sets it off pressing test button! Two shrieking alarms and we can’t decided whether to laugh or rush to switch them off!IMG_4282

Turns out I’d managed to burn the reusable plastic baking sheet. We’ve only had it a few weeks to save on tin foil and I asked that question…won’t it melt with the heat? Yes, if under the grill! That’s why I leave the cooking to Paul! He can’t talk though. The first restaurant he worked at, he nearly burnt down the pot shed smoking salmon.

I still made lunch and only burnt one slice! Check me out! Dinner we compromised, he cooked, I baked cookies and wiped up. My kinda dinner and the only way I know how is disconnect the smoke alarm is pulling out the battery. Done that a few times cooking!

What’s your worst cooking mishap? Always have a smoke alarm installed. Test it regularly, preferably with the test button! The carbon monoxide one we moved under the boiler. Safe cooking!


  1. says:

    Oy vey! Whenever I buy bread (which is a rarity because I live alone and it always just goes bad) sometimes I will put it in the oven on broil just to try and bake it faster and then I always end up burning it.

    Your run looks so beautiful!

    1. says:

      I can even burn toast in an electric toaster! We don’t get bread that often. If Paul’s away I have to be careful and buy a small baguette otherwise I’d never stop eating it! Hope you’re doing okay these past few weeks!

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