Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having a great week! I can’t believe we’re half way through March already and this post was planned for Monday. Whatever. The half way through March and that it’s officially Spring on Monday’s a reminder like this motivation quote that Tone It Up shared on Instagram a few weeks ago: One Day or Day One.

I had plans this past weekend to sort out more KonMari Method or just more sorting out in generally as things feel like they’re closing in again. I got a little done, but I really need a whole day of sorting out and nothing but. One day or day one? If I’m not too distracted by being outside this weekend I can declutter. Anyway I’ll leave you with a catch up of the past week.


Friday saw a beach run and running chores in the centre (aka returning items). I’ve been looking for a new Spring jacket that isn’t moto, bomber or outright khaki one. Nothing against moto or bomber jackets. I find they’re better worn open and I cycle everywhere so prefer one that zips up. On me zipped up they ain’t flattering and every girl seems to have one. Plus I like to have my bum a little covered. Trench coats don’t suit me and parkas do. I managed to find 2 parkas or khaki parkas (I know I didn’t want another khaki jacket but that’s all I could find) in Zara and Pimkie. One a little more fancy and the other more everyday where a rucksack won’t ruin the beads (update, the everyday one Pimkie jacket, lesson learnt to buy better quality after a week’s wear).

Cycling through Parc de la CiutadellaI loved how this tree stump has new life


I’m not quite sure where the day went. I started my workouts early (Tone It Up as always on a Saturday. They teamed up with Jillan Michael for their latest workout Body Love and I mastered finally her ninja burpees. I’ve been doing them no hands with feet flexed kneeing and Saturday I mastered them feet kneeling flat jump to squat!), but the day went so quickly.

New worm moon rise

And the view behind

I missed the zoo again but had plans afterwards to head to the Pop Up Inspire market I’d seen being set up running Friday. Being nosey I googled Port Forum events. It was a mix of food trucks, Dj’s, local artists: fashion, painting, jewellery etc and my favourite stand Animal Home. A national wide animal fostering charity where I meet the sweetest, gentlest girl Tato. She charmed lots of pennies into the donation box! 


Sunday I was up early, but fell asleep reading so didn’t get the long day I wanted. The morning got lost on Instagram, sorting out clothes for donation, catching up on blog work before an afternoon run making it back just in time for the zoo. Somehow I managed for the first time in weeks I managed to stay awake in the evening.

Spartan Race Training and run viewThose eyelashes! Coconut cute!Bird Flu? I want in!His favourite hangout 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Wind Monday. My hair even in a braid and under a cap didn’t escape it.

Realisation I need to shorten my workouts. I’m kinda excited by the challenge to be more efficient in the gym. Don’t get me wrong I love trying new exercises and training. I need to be more time effective if I want to have more energy outside the gym. I’ve noticed I haven’t been enjoying my training so much recently. Not from a plateauing aspect, more the amount of time I’m there and with warmer weather on it’s way and wanting more time for a few projects (not decluttering) planned, I’m up for a reboot training programme.

Happy or sad to see Spring. Favourite type of in-between season jacket.

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