Yoga Towels and Cats

If you have a cat or ever had a cat, you’ll know about their relentless skill in waking you up for breakfast. D does it in style. This morning no exception, trampling over me, chewing the plant next to me, spitting out a hairball and just making himself known two hours early. Nothing comes between him and his food especially sweetcorn or sweet potato. Needless to say he got is own way and I got a few more hours of uninterrupted shut eye.IMG_0006His brother Aj generally just sits and stares sending feed me thoughts, apart from when he’s really hungry, then he’ll mouth off at me. After claiming my mat for his own this morning, he then sat and hang around while I got a quads, shoulder and core circuit out the way. Suspension trainer flys, sandbag goblet squat with a shoulder press were in the mix.IMG_0801

This weekend I finally got to try out my new yoga towel. This time of year with the hot weather, hands and feet on the mat get so slippery. Downward dog becomes virtually impossible to hold. Solution? A yoga towel that stops you sliding around.

My old Lululemon was the best. An extra thick microfiber towel, the same size as the mat. How does the towel stop you sliding you ask? By wetting the towel with water where your hands and feet go, provides amazing moisture absorption and grip. It ONLY works if the towel is wet. Plus it provides a nice cooling feeling for your hands and feet. Another towel is one that has those sticky pads on like non slip socks, with one side providing grip, the other absorbency.IMG_8390

Amazon have some reasonable priced ones and if like me with neither amazon or Lululemon are in your budget, a regular microfiber towel will do, however it doesn’t cover the whole length of the mat and you do have to move around and reposition as I discovered last year. If you’re short like me, this isn’t too much of a bother, you just have to be aware of your position. Last week I found an extra large microfiber towel in Decathlon that covers the length of the mat. Width wise it’s too wide, however tucking it under the mat doesn’t affect your flow. From experience keep water near by to reapply for longer sessions and wash regularly. As they’re lightweight they can double up as a beach towel or in a pinch if it’s clean a gym towel!



Do you use a yoga towel? Which one do you prefer? Does your cat/dog/pet have their tricks for getting breakfast early?




  1. Meghal says:

    Need few towel
    How can I get it

    1. says:

      I got mine from Decathlon. Amazon and several online yoga clothing companies sell them too. Good luck!

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