She Ain’t Singing Yet

Whenever you finish a major project or task normally there’s a sense of relief, exhilaration  it’s over. Normally. Halloween was the deadline for my last unit of Gym Instruction theory (I’m working backwards with my certificates. That’s how I did things!) which I emailed my tutor the night before. For about a month I’ve been living in a fitness theory bubble of prime movers, energy systems, session planning, heath and safety laws and not much else. No feeling of relief, no excitement, no woo hoos, no dancing after pressing send. Nada!

Study and study break


3 weeks until my assessment, 3 weeks to know inside out every single machine in the gym and traditional body building exercises with teaching points word perfect. I think that’s why I didn’t get that feeling of thank (insert your own) it’s over. It’s not over until the fat lady sings and she’s ain’t singing yet! I know most of the exercises, a few I haven’t done since I first joined a gym in my teens, but I’ve come along way since those gym days! The basics are still there in my training, but it’s completely different. If you’d have asked me what burpee, jump squat or plank jack was back then I wouldn’t have had a clue! Training at home means the course has pushed my hand to join a gym too. There’s no where else with all the machines!

Dreams take work, but I am looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality now the bulk of studying is over. I’ve got TV shows to catch up on, blogs to read, a few craft projects planned, a long over due wardrobe sort, sleep, plants that need sorting before the cold starts, magazines and yoga. Especially yoga. Sleep’s often won over yoga the past few weeks and I’ve missed my nightly fix!

After pressing send I didn’t get that feeling of woo hoo, project completed, for the first time in ages I didn’t feel heavy this morning yesterday. I felt strong, fast, light and able to push myself that little bit further. 7.5km of speed play, hill sprints and stadium stairs. Cue dancing, cue woo hoos!

Run vistaIMG_1327

How do you feel after completing a major project or task? Have a great weekend!



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