San Francisco Botanical Gardens 

9,000 different plants from all over the world at San Francisco Botanical Gardens take you on a journey across the globe. You can’t just look in one direction ahead! Looking up magnolias, redwoods, looking down camellias, herbs, moss. Each twist and turn of the paths takes you almost if there’s no one around a secret garden on the other side of the world. Or down the road in the California garden!

We had enough of the city, wanting some fresh air when we visited San Francisco earlier this year. The botanical gardens and Japanese Tea Garden were a few places on our list of places to go thinking they’re in the same garden. The Japanese Tea Garden is in the same park, Golden Gate Park but not in the same garden if that makes sense. Golden Gate Park while it looks close to the centre or downtown San Francisco isn’t. For some reason looking at the map of San Fransisco bay area I thought it was like a European town with everything more of less in walking or a metro distance. Err, no! You need a car to get around, unless you want to do multiple buses, taxis or Uber. A car worked out cheaper than Uber. We stayed just outside San Francisco in Belmont, Redwood Shores and I think the garden was a 40 minute drive away. We’d thought we’d have enough time to do both however the botanical gardens were bigger than we’d expected. By the time we’d left (after a who’s right which way back to the entrance! I think we both compromised and worked it out) it was 16.30 winter closing hours.

Bamboo gardenDSCF0072Puffer fish!

We could have easily have spent more time in the gardens. It’s split into Californian indigenous plants within their own geographic location and into South America, Asia Africa and Europe. The Mediterranean Garden features native Californian plants along side plants from South-western Australia, Chile and South Africa all grouped within their own geographical location. The Mild Temperate Climate features plants from Eastern Australia, New Zealand and a Japanese Moon Continue reading “San Francisco Botanical Gardens “

Weekly Photo Challenge Vibrant

Red. That’s vibrant right?!

Every 5th of January in Spain the 3 Kings arrive bringing presents. Father Christmas or Santa makes a few rounds, but it’s the Kings that brings Christmas presents. They parade through the streets with their entourage. If you’ve been good, you get presents and just like if you’ve been naughty Father Christmas stuffs your stocking with coal, the Kings do too. They even have a train just for coal. This lady’s leading that train as the Kings paraded through Barcelona this year. Los Reyes Magos, Barcelona 2016Vibrant Vibrant

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

It’s been threatening to rain since Monday afternoon. Whispy clouds that strike late afternoon, blocking the sun, making beach siestas a little chilly. Today, the weather meant business. The wind changed direction, the temperature dropped, long story short, I got caught out cycling in a down pour while the sun still shined (no rainbows, that I could find!). This time of year, late spring and all summer long, it’s happy rain, warm and the wind warm too, so if you get caught out, you dry off pretty quickly.

Happy rain or cold winter rain, rain makes everything grey, so bright colours are always welcome. This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Vivid. Enjoy!

Yes, my camaras back and while I can’t upload from iPhoto library to WordPress or drag across due to restore problems, photo stream’s working!

Flamingos Barcelona Zoo. June 2015. Ugly ducklings aren’t just limited to swans. Flamingo chicks bless ’em suffer the same fate though they’ll never believe you. It’s nesting season at the zoo at the moment.Flamingos, Barcelona ZooFlamingos, Barcelona Zoo€1 June flowers on my balconyJune FlowersShadow play, La Maquinista Centre Commercial Barcelona, June 2015Shadow play, La Maquinista, BarcelonaBlue sky, the moon and seagulls, Barcelona, June 2015Boating lake and a seagull, Parc Ciutadella, Barcelona, June 2015Peacock, Barcelona Zoo, June 2015Peacock, Barcelona Zoo Vivid Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid