Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! If I’m honest at the moment I don’t always know what day it is. Run days I only know as I alternate cycling a few days for my morning freedom with running. I’m sure many of you are the same at the moment while we’re in lockdowns or easing of lockdowns. Spain’s slowly easing the lockdown and I’m patiently waiting for when travel’s more free for the hairdressers. I’m really liking the longer length, the ends however.

Anyways, welcome to a short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Ducks, Geese, Turtles 

I’ve changed my morning bike rides to the park! It makes me so happy to see ducks, geese, turtles, sparrows, magpies, butterflies and green all around. Hearing birds sing always makes me happy. 

DIY Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil Butter

As I’m wearing mineral SPF running and cycling, my skin’s being to dry out again. Luckily I noticed early and also noticed my usual body lotion isn’t hydrating enough after removing the mineral SPF. I ordered a few weeks ago cocoa butter with the intention of making lip balms. Using it raw helped with the dryness, but it takes so long to massage in properly. I ain’t got time for that! After a little research making your own cocoa butter I found this recipe that incorporates avocado oil. I need to get an electric blender attachment as it didn’t quite butter up using alternatives. My skin feels so much better! I’ll be sharing more in a post to come. I also found a great way of removing mineral SPF that doesn’t come off with soap and sponge or by exfoliation is gently using a pumice stone. Very gently. I have P to thank for this idea. 


The park is filled greenery and flowers and I love on my runs seeing wildflowers. Normally I only inhale jasmine in the evenings cycling past, I never knew some varieties are stronger in the mornings. Jasmine and lilacs are two scents I can never tire of.

I got to see cherry blossom this year!

Stone Fruits

One reason why spring and summer have my heart: peaches and nectarines. It wasn’t my intention to go off list grocery shopping this week, however with peach, nectarine and cherry season starting I don’t mind. As well as not knowing what day it is I’ve also lost what month yet noticed how quickly this month as flown by. I was initially surprised to see nectarines and peaches until I realised it’s nearly June. Bonus, all the packaging is biodegradable. I still can’t get to the organic shop to shop plastic free, I’m happy my local supermarket sells organic produce in biodegradable packaging. I also looking forward to when we can travel more freely as it’s this time of year the organic shop sells 1-2kg of strawberries perhaps my favourite berry for about €5-7.

The Sea

The beaches are open for swimming, water sports and walking in time specific age related time slots. I had a few spare minutes this week to dip my toes in. It felt sooo good! I’m counting down until the beaches are open freely for a dip and toma sol. My feet and calves were happy all the way back. This year is going to be the palest Spain has been in a long time unless balcony sunbathing.

Internet Finds 

I’ve been good this week save YouTube, putting down my phone and being more conscious of the time spent on my phone. She says. I’ve still been on my phone and iPad as much. I caved not online shopping and did a little online shopping, had one afternoon and a few evenings of Netflix binging on kdramas, Bride of Habeak and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. I then had to read most the recaps in advance which has to stop as they take as much time as just watching the show. Long winded way of saying no internet finds. 

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below!


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  2. says:

    I used cocoa butter as a body moisturiser a few months ago and I liked it because it’s very moisturising and doesn’t feel greasy. However having to warm it every time was annoying. It’s just so hard isn’t it, hahaha.

    1. says:

      For some reason I read that you warm it up in the shower and tried butter in it’s pot in the shower while showering. It worked! That’s what happens when you speed read before leaving the house. Mixed with another oil, it doesn’t take are much time to rub in, but it’s still not a in a rush body moisturiser. I need to read properly hehehe

      1. says:

        For me using hot water from the shower just didn’t cut it. Maybe because it was winter and so frigging cold in here. I had to get a big bowl, pour water from the kettle and put the pot in it while I was showering.

      2. says:

        Nooooo! I’m sure adding another oil changes it’s properties so it’s easier to apply. The glass jar helped in the shower. It took a while to make the butter though but my skin feels so much better!

      3. says:

        I’m not sure what happened but somehow your comment on Gaztelugatxe got deleted and I can’t retrieve it.

        I think form 1st July the EU is going to open it’s borders to those within the Schengen Agreement. Maybe depending on how this goes China might open its borders. But that could also depend on how it goes in North and South America. Is your brother still going ahead with his wedding?

        I’m hoping I can see more places in Barcelona on the tourist list I’ve yet to visit when we’re in phase 4 and beyond. There are still so many I’ve yet to visits as I’ve been nah, queue’s too long!

      4. says:

        The wedding has been finally postponed to May next year. Hope things are back to normal by then!

      5. says:

        Yay! That’s awesome news! Plus Baby A will be older to remember it!

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