Nearly Broke Up Groundhog Weekends

Are you one of those when the first hint of a new season starts, embrace the different layers, or wait to see when others start switching up their wardrobe? I fall somewhere in-between. I start adding lighter/heavier layers but keep an eye for others doing the same so I don’t seem too eager!

I hope you had a great weekend! Saturday it was more than warm enough to take my new jacket for a spin. It felt quite liberating to be out of my winter coat! The warmer temps brought many to the beaches to promenade up and down (where are all these people when the weather’s not so nice?!). Cycling in was game of tactics and double guessing!

First warm day 2015Lifeguards are back!

Mr D enjoying the warm sunshineSun cat

Full burpees at the gym, which are becoming easier. I still prefer to skip the press up however 30 burpees are the forfeit for no go Spartan Race obstacles and while I did 30, they were split in my circuit. 10 in a row is tough, 30 in a row? I’m working up to them! Trick, not to go all out, too fast, too soon! I’d made plans to sit outside for the first sun siesta of the year, however I got caught talking to a girl who’s also wants to run Spartan in October. After I excitedly walked to the terrace (first sun siesta!), clouds blocked out the sun. No sun siesta today. No yoga during Earth Hour either. I’d just got back an hour before so it was cat snuggles, Zinio, Nat Geo and food!

Sunset SaturdaySaturday Sunset

Earth Hour candles and cat snugglesEarth HourEarth Hour Cat snuggles

I’d wanted to do something different this weekend, explore somewhere different, break groundhog weekends. I did, but not how I’d envisioned. I’ve signed up for the El Corte Ingles 10km race in 2 weeks (free registration with the only department store in Spain, which swayed my decision!) so Sunday was my last longer run until afterwards. 18km, up the coast which was tough and just doable. My legs were having words with me afterwards. 18km Costa Brava

I love these wooden beach access steps along the beach above.Beach Access Steps

2 weeks ago on my way back, every day I picked up for a week, 5, 10L bags of compost to repot all the plants ready for Spring. The weather’s either been a bit chilly or I’ve been too tired to re pot them the past 2 weekends. I said to myself it’s this weekend or never. I’m not the best green fingers, but I swear they were all happy and perky in their new surroundings afterwards. After cleaning up, it was too late to get the Cultural Museum I’ve been wanting to visit. Though tired from the run and feeling cooped up I needed some fresh air. A little bike ride along the beaches and then I saw MacDonalds. French fries! I tried to talk myself out of them, but that only made my craving worse. I was tempted to go to the drive through on the my bike, but that’s a little too cheeky. I remembered there’s a small MacDonalds in Port Olympic, amongst the sea food restaurants, Irish bars, Middle Eastern restaurants and clubs that are packed in the summer. I gave into the fries with a coffee and sat watching the last of the light fade by the marina. The hour change caught me out slightly the morning, with darkness, I love that it’s now still light at 8.15pm.

BeforePlants before

Happy Plants!

Happy Plants

Bike ride sunset, coffee and friesPort OlympicPort Olympic Port Olympic

My trick to counter DOMS from long runs, is yoga. After Skyping with my Mum, I did Kathryn Budig’s  Yogaglo, Love Yourself class help the hamstrings. The only problem, I fell asleep during savasana. Opps!

10 seconds of unrolling my mat, Mr Aj’s claimed his spot.My mat

Does the hour change throw you, or are you, it’s just an hour, nothing like jet lag! Have a great week!



  1. says:

    The spring forward usually has me mixed up for at least one week, but this year I felt fine. Your photography is looking very professional. Always look forward to seeing different sights from Spain.

    1. says:

      Happy this year it didn’t mix you up so much. Maybe as you really wanted winter to end you embraced it! As for the photos, thank you. I get lucky as I mostly point and shoot. I’m trying to capture different parts of the city for you! Have a great week my dear!

  2. says:

    Great coastal pics. Thanks for sharing. We had our time change about 3 weeks ago in my time zone. ~ I don’t like the idea of spring forward 🙁 Great job in your running and racing!

    1. says:

      Thank you! Not all countries observe the time change which is interesting. Fall back I don’t like so much, short winter days are on their way!

  3. says:

    The time change definitely throws me for a loop. Even though I’m a morning person, I struggle when the clocks spring forward. Hey, good on your signing up for a 10K! And your long runs are getting progressively longer and longer! Also, your wee plants are so cute. 🙂

    1. says:

      One little hour and we’re outta sink! My whole sleep schedules out of sink, but that’s another tale! 21km my’s limited. It takes up too much time! Have a great week my dear!

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