Last Weekend of May Recap

Happy 1st June as the Americans say! I don’t think us Brits get Happy whatever days other than standard official Happy days, but we play along. When I taught English, I’d say to the kids they need to speak 2 English languages, British English and American English. British are more or less fluent in American English. We know sidewalk means pavement, jelly jam (jelly is jello to us), pants trousers, pantyhose (what a name!) tights, tights some call leggings (nope, they’re leggings), sweater jumper or cardigan (massive difference between the 2!), crisps chips, chips crisps, you’re welcome no worries (translates to no worries most other languages too. De nada: of nothing), the list goes on. I often wonder if some Americans know British English, is different, if they could translate like Brits do. I never get the dates: month, day. We write, day month and I forever get confused. Oh, any Americans reading, never say fanny pack to Brit. You’ll be met with either sniggers or a shock, disgusted look. Don’t you know anything? It’s a bum bag! Fanny means something completely different to us. Fanny’s a lady’s ‘front’ bottom as Kim from Australian Kath and Kim puts it. Don’t believe me? Google it!

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was meant to be quiet, but with Primvera Sound, the first of Barcelona’s big music festivals this year, it was far from with little sleep. There’s a reason why music festivals are held in the middle of nowhere. The apartment building is about 3/4km away from where Primvera Sound’s held, but from how it’s positioned might as well be next door. Sound checks started at 10am, music went on until 6am. I’m all for people partying and having a great time, but 3 days of constant music is like a mosquito you can only hear, but can’t see to swat. Needless to say, I managed to twice get some sleep after 6am. Just as well I wasn’t working. Sunday, I think the whole neighbourhood partied. No music. Any good bands play? Erm, dunno. I think there was a punk band, which were kinda good from a sound distance. I didn’t appreciate the flashing lights at the 5am electronic set. What’s happening? I’m getting old and turning into my Dad!

Fridays, I’ve made into Spartan Race play runs. I have wall leading down to one of the beaches, that increases in height, I’m using as wall scaling practice. Unfortunately it’s like a narrow tunnel, so I can’t get a good run up, but I can clear 5ft! I told the guys I’m running with and they laughed. There are much higher walls and you get a hand, push up for the higher walls. Yeah, I know, but I gotta be able to scale some in my own! The only issue I have is landing more than the jumping down. I always think my ankle isn’t strong enough from when I nearly did in my Achilles. This is something I’m working at, but training is fun!

Friday’s run viewFriday Run View

Friday evening I had time to make it to the zoo before closing. 1 hour to run around and few visitors it felt I had the whole place to myself. Now it’s getting warmer, it feels like I’m there on a tropical island! I know being a vegan and visiting the zoo is some might say a contradiction, but it’s the only place I can find nature and tranquility in the city. They’re currently renovating many of the enclosures and most of the animals seem happy.

Saturday, I had my very own SATC moment. Remember the episode when Carrie never backed up her computer and lost everything? Erm, I may have played that part. Saturday’s I’ve made recently train at home days. Now it’s getting warmer, I want to be outside more and it’s nice to hang out with the cats more. Being outside more translates to beach time, but no gym means I’m freer for catch up jobs. Anyways, after workout and the beach, I headed to Apple.

My at home workout partner. Mr Aj Workout Partner

My mac’s been playing up for a while and to cut a long story short, it’s got a system network corruption which also means it’s got little space to work with. It’s meant to back up to time machine or the white Mac tower thing, automatically but doesn’t. When they checked the last back up date, 14th Dec 2014, I felt embarrassed and a bit stupid. Didn’t I learn anything from Carrie? Always back up your files! I told the guy I felt like that time when Carrie forgot to back up her files and he laughed. He knew what episode I was talking about. Not sure what that says about him, but that was me deflecting my embrassment. As for the Mac, back up files, take it back for them to reset and reinstall all programs. Better they do it not me. My mum and I have issues with electronic goods. Things just happen that aren’t meant to normally happen.

Cycling to the Apple Store along Rio Besos. I could catch the metro, but I feel safer in this part of the city cycling, especially at night. Cycling back, I cycle back with the bats. That beats the metro any day! The park was closed which is why I wasn’t cycling the path below, otherwise you bet I would be!Rio Besos

Sunday, I overslept thanks to the music. But what can I do? It’s not everyday, so have to let it slide. I was slightly worried to was too late to run early afternoon with the heat, however it was quite windy, which helped. 12km with some monkey bar and muscle ups play. I’m getting better and have 4 months to train/play until Sparten to get really good! I even included the pier as now everybody’s sunbathing, there’s less traffic to negotiate.Badalona PierWater off Badalona Pier

The run and lack of sleep caught up with me later, so a beach siesta was needed. When you live near the sea and especially in the summer, you’ll find an excuse, any excuse and way to visit the beach!

How was your weekend? When was the last time you backed up your computer? Music until 6am, yes/no or only in certain circumstances?