Sunrises, Trees, Monkeys And Catch Up

Happy February!

Winter’s back! I always forget February gives January a run for it’s money here in which month’s the coldest. February’s short and sweet, but it packs a punch in rainy, windy, grey overcast, sunny cold days.

Next week I start my indoor climbing classes. I’ve never done anything like it before apart from climbing trees as a kid so I’m a little nervous and excited. I’m scaling down my gym workouts next week so I have energy. I know it’s probably a workout in itself, however I’m what if the first class is just theory? I won’t get my fix.

Anyways, last week when by in a blur and I didn’t get a change to stop by and say Hi which I missed, so I’ll leave ya with a photo catch up from the last few weeks.

Winter sunrise’s are always magical thanks to the sun being lower in the sky, catching more particles to reflect and refract through.Fire breathing or warm breath dog

Sea fog

Port Vell’s boat yard shapes. The support blocks initially caught my eye followed by all the different shapes, angles, man made and nature. 

Exploring side streets in the centre. I’m pretty certain the bars are a new edition. But then again the last time I cut through this alley was about 4 or more years ago. 

Sunset cycling through Parc de la Ciutadella 

Beach runs

Punctures and walking back 9km as I didn’t want to take the metro back due to a bad headache starting. 

There’s been zoo visits as alwaysPretty ladies Blurry ladies walking to roost. 

Naked winter trees continue to fascinate me with their geometry.

I found 1kg of green clay in Veritas a local organic supermarket chain. I have a thing for face masks, especially clay masks and even though I have no idea what recipes to make with it just yet, it went in the basket! 

Which month is colder where you are, January or February?


  1. says:

    Here January and February are both very cold. I can’t wait for my tropical holidays in Malaysia next week! I will be sick of the heat after a couple of hours there but well xD

    1. says:

      Yay! Vacaciones! I hope you have a fantastic time and I can’t wait to see and hear all about it 🙂 You’ll be lapping up the heat!

  2. says:

    Aww, that is a bummer about the bike tire puncture and long walk home. Certainly not fun Natalie. I don’t put nearly the mileage you would put on, I still get at least 1 a year. (typical riding season May to October in Canada).
    Beautiful sunrises, and am so glad you still are getting to your zoo sanctuary.
    Though we had a couple of -20C days to start off February, January is typically the colder month for us in Canada. Above freezing still won’t happen with any regularity until March. Looking forward to the days getting longer and warmer!
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. says:

      It wasn’t so bad walking back. Few people were out and I got a bit of silence in the city which I rarely get. If you add up your ultra running miles you’ll beat me easily in milage! Have you tried charitymiles app? A sponsor sponsors your milage running, walking or cycling for a charity of your choice (from the list). Also have you tried sweatcoins app? You get sweatcoins for your steps that you convert in the shop. I’m not too happy they sell your steps data but I’m after £1000 PayPal! Only 20,000 steps!

      -20C that’s f’ing cold! The most cold I’ve experienced is -5! I seriously don’t know how you Canadians cope with the cold. It can get to around 0 or 2 C at night a few nights a year but usually the coldest at night’s 5C with daytime ranging for cold for here 8C to 15C. I’ve acclimatised, so it’s cold! Add humidity 10C can seem very very cold. Today’s the 1st sunny day after about 3 days of rain and grey skies 🙂 Rain returns tomorrow 🙁
      Here’s to warmer sunny days coming up 🙂

      1. says:

        Thanks Natalie. Yeah, you do get used to the cold here, though I must admit the older I get, the more I feel the cold. It might be circulation issues, but my hands and feet do feel the cold easily, and so I got super warm mitts and boots.

        The apps you mentioned sound really cool. I don’t have media on my phone, and my e-mails, blogging etc. is done on my home desktop computer (pretty old school eh). Up to last October I never have had any way of knowing how far I run. This past Oct. my work got me a Suunto Spartan Sport for my 5 year work anniversary, and I’ll record my runs on the home computer. I absolutely love the watch. Have kept this “gift” pretty low key on my blog and I don’t wear it around work, because it is worth around $400 Canadian. Normally workers for 5 years get a nice dress watch worth up to $200 Canadian. Just don’t want to open a can of worms…lol. I have always enjoyed running “naked” (without any timing devices), but I also know this watch is really going to help me in my training. I would like to look into the charitymiles app and see if it is compatible with the system I use.

        Hope you have a great weekend Natalie! 🙂

      2. says:

        Hop you had a great weekend!
        Sometimes I’d like my phone to be media free. It can get too additive always picking it up. I have to say stop out aloud! I always run with my phone for safety as I’m usually running solo so if anything happens I can call someone. I usually log my runs with under armour map my run app. I’d love to have a GPS running watch, but like you say they’re expensive! So my naked running is minus my phone or rather no music but still run with my phone. If I walk coming back along the shoreline, I stop the music to listen to the water.

        I’m sorry to hear winter’s are getting colder for you. Not long until Spring 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead!

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