YouTube Players

I’ve been wanting to do a YouTube favourites post for a while but haven’t been able to find a way of conveying it. I think this is because it’s mostly ‘influnencers’ and because of this it comes across full of consumerism. Occasionally they might sway me into buying something but I feel mainly as their lifestyles are completely out my budget, that I’m vegan (yep, vegans have to tell everyone in the 1st 30 seconds they’re one. Insert roll eye emoji), am trying to reduce plastic and recycling and trying to having less stuff in general keeps me in check.images

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You’d think there would be a lot of animal channels seeing as how much I love animals. There are a few though I’ve noticed while I follow many of the following YouTubers on Instagram, more animal accounts pop up on my IG feed than my YouTube feed. This I’m happy about otherwise I’d be completely bombarded with look at me in my new shoes, look at my new bag! The animal recuses, animal and nature photos on IG keep in me check. I’m happy to keep Continue reading “YouTube Players”

Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Here’s nice and hot so you know where I’ll be this weekend when not running, working out or doing chores. La Playa!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As I’ve missed the last 2 Weekend Friday Favourites, I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet of things that have caught my eye this week, made me smile or latest obsession. Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

International Black Cat Appreication Day

In honour of yesterday* being International Black Cat Appreciation Day, Diesel, the happiest go lucky ray of sunshine being I know.IMG_1723

That’s not to say he can’t live up to his other names, Mr Poo Pants (he occasionally poos outside the litter box . His brother’s, Mr Pee Pants. He misaims in the litter box. On the floor), Sh*tbox, D, You Sh*T. His nose is always in something. He lets you know immediately very loudly it’s dinner time if it’s past dinner and snack time. All shopping is inspected on arrival and I have to leave cat toys such as kickaroos on the bed so when I get in and change into comfy clothes, he doesn’t thumper kick my things. Any plastic bag left out (with items in) is fair game to be chewed. Loudly, when he wants me wake up for breakfast. He answers back, at least once a day sprints around the apartment, loves to ambush his brother, to be up in high places, loves sunbathing and exploring communal hallway when I get in. He’s the sweetest shadow I could ever wish for, who loves to snuggle up in the crook of my arm, has to have hugs when I get back, has 14 sleeping spots on rotation, gives the strongest head butts/body slams and can only be brushed on his cardboard chaise lounge scratcher while he shreds pieces off. Never a dull moment with him around!IMG_0654IMG_0739OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

International Black Cat Appreciation Day was created to raise awareness and give black cats a better chance at adoption. Thanks to myths, superstitions and looks, black cats, dogs and other black pets in adoption shelters are most likely to be overlooked when it comes to adoption and end up spending a long time in the shelters (if they’re lucky and it’s not a kill shelter). Black cats in the many parts of the world are considered bad luck. In the UK they’re are considered good luck! From previous black cats I’ve met and D’s no exception, they’re a slightly more crazy, full of energy and mischief, handsome, elegant, inquisitive, intelligent and just as loving companion as all other cats. If you wish to adopt a cat or dog, please adopt from shelter and don’t forget to checkout the black cats and dogs. You never know what fur ball awaits you!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

*This was already to post on yesterday. I just had to add photos later in the evening however a migraine won.

Happy Belated World Elephant Day!

Happy World Elephant Day, to the majestic, matriarchal, amazing eyelashes, trunk does everything, girls in charge who’ve have inspired a 1000 tales!Elephant Barcelona Zoo

At my tropical sanctuary, aka Barcelona Zoo are 3 elephants. They’re doing better than a few years ago and I believe this year they getting a new larger enclosure. As are the giraffes, hippos and maybe the lions. An African Savannah. Elephant Barcelona ZooElephant Barcelona Zoo

Sadly maybe one day a zoo might be the only place we get to see elephants. Wild elephant numbers are falling due to poaching for their tusks, habitat loss and human conflict. It’s estimated a 100 elephants are killed each day for their tusks. The demand for ivory is so great, there are even hunters in Siberia searching in the thawing tundra for woolly mammoth tusks (unlike elephant ivory, the sale of mammoth tusks is legal). The illegal ivory trade funds wars. Fighting the trade is a war. Park rangers are now better armed, have government support, but they face poachers more heavily armed, better equipped and with more resources. Sniffer dogs are helping combat the trade, sniffing out ivory as it’s smuggled in transit. ‘White gold‘ or ivory’s now worth more than gold.Elephant Barcelona Zoo

When an elephant is poached for it’s ivory, baby elephants loose their mums, their support system. Baby elephants recuse centres like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have baby mini matriarchs looking after even younger elephants. It’s cute, but they don’t get a baby elelphanthood. Some are so traumatised loosing their mums they don’t make it out of elephant kindergarten. All for pair of status symbol ivory chopsticks. And money. It always comes back to money.Elephant Barcelona Zoo

Here’s how you can help to ensure baby elephants grow up with their mama’s, aunty’s, visiting bulls in the jungle forests or vast savannahs. Check out the WWF, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and World Elephant Day to see how.


Weekend Friday Favourites

Yay! It’s the weekend! This week’s seen some early starts training clients in the park, so I’m looking forward to a few days of just the beach and hanging out with the cats. That’s if the sun’s back from holiday. If anybody knows where’s the Spanish Summer’s gone, please return it.

I forsee a little window shopping too. For weeks I’ve been wanting a shop that doesn’t involve any grocery shopping whatsoever. There’s nearly always something to get from this shop or that, so just to browse without clock watching I have the supermaket and carrying back groceries is a little luxury!

Friday Favourites, a round up of things that’ve made me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Into The Night

Time lapse of the city I currently call home. Areas featured in no particular order amongst many, Parc Collsolra, Placa Espana, Port de Barcelona. Port Forum, Pier in Badalona (yes, that pier I run along!), Sagrada Familia, Arc Triomf, Tibidabo and Diagonal Mar.

Gadhimai Temple Trustees Say NO more animal sacrifice

I received an email from the Humane Society this week with fantastic news. The Gadhimai temple trustees have forbid animal sacrifices at future festivals. Every 5 years, thousands and thousands of water buffalo, cows, goats, chickens pigeons and pigs are sacrificed slaughtered for protection against evil and the promise of prosperity and power. The Humane Society and the Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) have been working closely with the temple’s trust and India’s Supreme Court to achieve this. Find out more here.

Baby Orangutan Udin

Have tissues ready. He lost is mum to human wildlife conflict and probably to the palm oil industry, and almost gave up wanting to live. Thanks to International Animal Rescue and his teddy bear, he’s making progress. This is just one reason why I try to avoid products with palm oil in. Do I ever have any fun? Avoiding palm oil products, makes it fun! His full story is here and here.

AJ and D

I luvs kickeroosAJ and his kickeroo

I luvz Mama’z wardrobz 4 zzzzzzzDiesel loves gym clothesJust because. While their Mama hasn’t liked so much the cloudy cooler days, these 2 have been loving them!

Tiger NapkinsTiger cat napkins

I’ve decided life’s too short to be using kitchen paper as napkins. I spotted these in Tiger and couldn’t leave without them. Plus they looks like Diesel! €1 for 20. I reuse if not too dirty and recycle them otherwise.

Pop Up Kicks

Jilian Michaels and Shape, Pop Up Kicks

Planning my workouts last week, I came across some Shape Magazine screenshot workouts I’d taken from Zinio ages ago. One of them was Julian Michaels Pop Up Kicks. Targeting the legs, mostly the hamstrings and bum, I felt them the next day!

Favourite Photos of the Week:

Swimmers late evening. You can just make out their Baywatch flotation thingys.Sea swimmers BCN

Abandoned sandcastlesAbandoned sandcastles

Flamingos Barcelona ZooFlamingos Barcelona Zoo

The Ugly Duckling story isn’t just for swans.

Flowers Parc Ciutadella Flowers Parc Ciutadella

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Have a great weekend!