International Black Cat Appreication Day

In honour of yesterday* being International Black Cat Appreciation Day, Diesel, the happiest go lucky ray of sunshine being I know.IMG_1723

That’s not to say he can’t live up to his other names, Mr Poo Pants (he occasionally poos outside the litter box . His brother’s, Mr Pee Pants. He misaims in the litter box. On the floor), Sh*tbox, D, You Sh*T. His nose is always in something. He lets you know immediately very loudly it’s dinner time if it’s past dinner and snack time. All shopping is inspected on arrival and I have to leave cat toys such as kickaroos on the bed so when I get in and change into comfy clothes, he doesn’t thumper kick my things. Any plastic bag left out (with items in) is fair game to be chewed. Loudly, when he wants me wake up for breakfast. He answers back, at least once a day sprints around the apartment, loves to ambush his brother, to be up in high places, loves sunbathing and exploring communal hallway when I get in. He’s the sweetest shadow I could ever wish for, who loves to snuggle up in the crook of my arm, has to have hugs when I get back, has 14 sleeping spots on rotation, gives the strongest head butts/body slams and can only be brushed on his cardboard chaise lounge scratcher while he shreds pieces off. Never a dull moment with him around!IMG_0654IMG_0739OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

International Black Cat Appreciation Day was created to raise awareness and give black cats a better chance at adoption. Thanks to myths, superstitions and looks, black cats, dogs and other black pets in adoption shelters are most likely to be overlooked when it comes to adoption and end up spending a long time in the shelters (if they’re lucky and it’s not a kill shelter). Black cats in the many parts of the world are considered bad luck. In the UK they’re are considered good luck! From previous black cats I’ve met and D’s no exception, they’re a slightly more crazy, full of energy and mischief, handsome, elegant, inquisitive, intelligent and just as loving companion as all other cats. If you wish to adopt a cat or dog, please adopt from shelter and don’t forget to checkout the black cats and dogs. You never know what fur ball awaits you!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

*This was already to post on yesterday. I just had to add photos later in the evening however a migraine won.


  1. I hope your migraine is better. And Diesel is such a cutie! I hate that black cats get a bad rap. In so many places they are considered good luck or a blessing: Egypt, Scotland, England, Ireland, Japan to name a few. The Puritans in the US used the black cat to denounce witches as Satanic (for no good reason) and the cat’s reputation was never able to recover. It’s sad.

    1. says:

      Thank you! Migraine it is, Diesel he is!

      I thought it has something to do with the witch hunts. They had them all over Europe, including the UK and I think like you say their reputation never recovered. I always thought they were bad luck in the UK up until about 8 years ago when I found out the complete opposite (no idea why I though this. Maybe USA influence through movies, internet etc). Maybe it’s colour play, black and dark colours are bad, scary stuff happens at night. Black cats and dogs have it equally as bad to be adopted in Europe. My parents however always had black or mostly black dogs growing up so for me it’s normal to adopt a black pet! Diesel choose me at the shelter and I wouldn’t change him for the world!

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