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I’d thought it’ll be fun once a month to share a review of some of my skincare and make up finds. I’m a bit of a skincare and cosmetic junkie. I love browsing Sephora, and when I have the opportunity Marks and Spencer beauty hall, any beauty hall and CVS. I don’t have to purchase anything, I’m happy looking, pick up, trying different products. You can always tell when I’ve had a trip to Sephora, the back of my hand is likely to reassemble a zebra or a butterfly*.

I have just 2 requirements when it comes to make up and skincare. Number 1, no animal testing, number 2, as natural, cr*p free as possible. With makeup requirement number 2 is a tricky to meet, especially in Europe. My skin type: combination. Face: Oily in the T zone, prone to spots. Body: dry and sometimes looks oily, but this could be due to the hydrating moisturising lotions I like. Prone to eczema.

StriVectin Clinical Corector Anti Aging Eye Illuminator  StriVectin, Anti Ageing Eye Illuminator

This is worth it’s weight in gold. The Sephora sales assistant lady, who kinda knows me now who can tell exactly what type of product person you are, recommended this. It’s expensive, so I had wait until 20% off day, but it does exactly what it says. Since I’ve been using it, I haven’t had any you look tired comments. A combination of a BB cream and eye cream with NIA 114 StriVectin’s magic anti aging secret, advanced form of niacin. I dab a few dots across just (1 cm) under my lower lashes then blend out from the bridge to beyond my outer eye in an upside down semi circle, so a little bit of my cheek gets camouflaged. It hides my bags, lasts most of the day including workouts. Changes in fine line, wrinkle, smile trophies, not sure as recently starting using coconut oil as a eye cream which has softened somewhat the appearance of them

Sephora 8hr Matifying Pressed Powder Sephora 8hr Matifying Pressed Powder

This was a surprise gem find. I’ve been looking for a less expensive powder for my out and about touch up make up bag and a less expensive powder in general to replace the Urban Decay one I was using. I was getting through so much, so quickly at €38 a month on a powder it was too much, even on 20% off days. After 2 days, it became my main powder! This gives just enough natural cover without clogging after CC cream. It’s not long lasting on my nose (but no make up is with me. 3 hours later it disappears), has a perfume like smell and the surface of the powder in the compact can clog (a swift wipe with a tissue fixes it). Pros, not chalky,  no end of day clogging and the pot is long lasting. A month in it hardly seems like I’ve used much and no breakouts.

Alaffia EveryDay Shea Passion Fruit Body WashEveryDay Shea Passion Fruit Body Wash

I had such high hopes for this as I love and use daily Alaffia’s EveryDay Coconut cleanser, toner and night cream. The scent reminds me of lemon resfresher bars than passion fruit. For a natural, no gmo, paraben, gluten free, vegan, no synthetic fragrance soap, it lathers and cleanses pretty well. Unfortunelty, a little doesn’t go very far. 950ml and in 3 weeks I’m 2/3 way through. As it contains unrefined shea butter and coconut oil so I thought it would be hydrating, but it leaves my skin however feeling dry even after body lotion. Maybe I’m using too much and strip away natural oils, but sadly I won’t be buying it again. It’s a pity as I love what Alaffia stands for.

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil

Sephora’s own brand is the Zara of the cosmetic world. It brings out cheaper versions of the more expensive designer brands a few months later with its own spin. In France I was able to get Em Cosmetics eye brow pencil shipped from America. What I loved about that was the crayon pencil was easier to use than powder or thick crayon brow pencils I could get. Spain doesn’t allow the import of make up/cosmetics so when I found Sephora did their own EM version of it, I had to try it! I actually prefer it to the EM one partically the brush. It doesn’t clog as much and is easier to clean. The colour’s a better match (well, no one has said anything. Maybe their being kind. Carrie Bradshaw: Never trust anyone with bad eyebrows) easy to apply and control how much applied, easy to remove mistakes and lasts most of the day, even workouts as it’s waterproof. The only cons, the lids can be tricky to pull off in a rush and I got through it pretty quickly.

What’s your favourite skin care, beauty finds this month? Have you tried any of the above?

*Sephora testing: How many eyeliners? About 5. But there’s about 20 markings! Yes, test out thickness holding it different ways, colour, did I test that one, can’t remember, lets try again!Testing Eyeliners


  1. I haven’t tried any new beauty products this month and I try to stick with the ones I know work. Maybe I am limiting myself but I find that it is sometimes better to got with what you know.

    1. says:

      My basic skin care routine products I’ve stuck with for about a year or more. Everything else is far game. There are always new products coming out, however I only get what I need or know I’ll use. There’s nothing I dislike more than paying for a product I get home, use it for a few days and decide it’s not right. I do a lot research, swatching before I buy!

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