Weekend Friday Favourites

I feel like the school kid who left all their weekend homework until Sunday evening. Which is exactly what I’m doing. Things like Netflix and Birthday Christmas shopping came up. I’ve also been somewhat glued to the news after the attacks in Paris Friday. My thoughts are with the families and the first responders. They do an amazing job and I don’t think anything prepares you for what they have to deal with in their jobs.

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye. It’s meant to be a Friday thing, hence being Weekend Friday Favourites.

Aj and DHandsome and he knows it. AJDiesel loves boxes

Both boys have got their winter coats so are extra snuggly when they want to be. Catch That Cat’s begun when it’s Aj’s medicine time. While he’s a easy cat to give his tablets to, he knows 7/10 when it’s medicine time! Diesel’s still the official chicken timer. 1 more week of cooking chicken and fingers crossed they can return to crunch or a mix. No, I’m still not tempted to try any chicken.

Oysho BathrobeOysho Bathrobe

This is basically a blanket disguised as a robe. I’m know I’m not the only one that wears blankets around the house a shawl when it’s really cold. The evenings are chilly and this works way better than a blanket shawl, especially when I actually watch TV. The blanket blanket goes like a cocoon around my legs. Oh so glamourous.

Focus Training/ CYQ Outdoor Fitness Coach Course

I received a letter saying I passed my course! I’m now officially an Outdoor Fitness Coach!

Sea Cycling In MondayCalm sea

It’s been windy for weeks and Monday was the first calm day in ages! The sea was like glass!

H&M’s Peachy Keen Nail PolishH&M Peachy Keen Nail Polish

I really hope H&M keep this shade in their permeant collection and it’s not a temporary shade. It’ll be perfect for the summer and is now my new favourite shade of pinky orange!

PorcupinePorcupine, Barcelona ZooThese guys are quite elusive at the zoo. They make an appearance around sunset and if you’re lucky you get to see them. They make cute noises but I don’t want to be on the wrong side of them like these poor dogs.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!



  1. Janet says:

    It’s great to read your blog on the way to hospital for my first radiotherapy session of the week. Thanks Nat xxxxx

    1. says:

      🙂 Hope it wasn’t too tough yesterday! Don’t let Norman work you too hard, or has Lola taken over MD duties?! Have a great week xoxo

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