Weekly Photo Challenge Ornate

Back to Greece for this challenge! There’s a reason why I haven’t shared the many photos and mini adventures of my trip to Athens this year. I’m sure things I see on my daily travels are ornate to some, but you get used to your surroundings. When you play tourist you see things differently. Which is why Greece keeps popping up in The Daily Post’s photo challenges. Enjoy!

Drain cover, Athens. I had a only few seconds to snap this as it caught my eye crossing the road, hence it being uneven. You can even tell how heavily the road is used by the pattern worn away at the bottom.Drain cover AthensI think this is part of Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus. It must have looked mighty fancy back in the day! Sanctuary of Zeus PolieusWater tap, Stoa of Attalos, AthensTap Stoa of AttalosCharmer. Peacock, Barcelona ZooPeacock, Barcelona Zoo

Ornate Weekly Photo Challenge Ornate


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