Flamingos, Calpe

I can’t believe I haven’t shared before seeing wild flamingos from a few years ago! Real life flamingos not zoo flamingos. 

This flock lives on an old Roman salt mine now a lagoon, Las Salines de Calpe a Nature Park and Reserve in Calpe, Alicante, Spain. I was surprised that weren’t as pink as I’d thought they be and by how much larger and taller they were than the ones at Barcelona Zoo. Their necks appear longer than the American and Chilean flamingos at the zoo. Sometimes I feel sad for the ones at the zoo. Their flight feathers are removed and when they try to get air I feel bad for them. It’s always different to see them free. I have spilt views on zoos here.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. They were taken a few years ago before I understood more depth of field, light etc. 

Only handful were pink. Maybe they knew the best brine shrimp, algae and larvae spots!

Nesting season!

Earth loves colour and some of the most colourful pinks out there are flamingo pinks. White flamingos don’t look right! I understand that these ones might be teenagers yet to get their pink as flamingos are born white or grey or both. It’s amazing how their diet affects their appearance and goes to show how closely their habitat is linked to their diet. A fragile balance that us humans are destroying. There are many ways you can help keep the balance. Use less single use plastic and plastic in general. Don’t have the air con or heating as high or low in the winter/summer. Small changes make big differences!

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