Non Invasive Anti Aging Tips

First up. If any of these thing are your jam, you continue doing them. These are just my observations.

The are many things I wish I hadn’t of done. Attack my spots to the point I have scars only lasers will fix and if course many things I’d wished I’d done different or taken a different path. But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right?

Two things I’m glad I never did are, 1 be blessed with thick eyebrows I never over plucked. They were once a wild light coloured monobrow which in my teens soon disappeared. I’m forever grateful I never over plucked them and for one thing amongst many I inherited from my mother (I didn’t get tan in day from her, but did get her oily skin which I’ve come to accept and her blood type, B+ which makes me feel kind unique if for anything it’s not often found in white British. It’s a disadvantage in Europe where it’s not that common if I need my own blood type and I can’t donate blood ever outside the UK thanks to mad cow disease to stock up my own blood so to speak). Back to eyebrows, if over plucked they don’t always grow back. The trend eyebrow trend at the moment are fuller brows if only for the reason those shapely **plump eyebrows give you a more youthful appearance. In your teens and twenties you want to look older so you pluck the sh*t out of them. Hit thirties plus you want to look younger and your eyebrows back. Thankfully I’ve never been the one for arched brows. My face is long enough. Add arches and it’s looong. Thicker eyebrows balance it out. For now I just have to fill in a little as when that monobrow disappeared so did the start of them being in line with my side of my nose tip. That bit’s gradually growing back as I leave that bit alone when armed with tweezers. As for my Mum, she loves her skinny brows and wouldn’t have them any other way along with her not so common blood type.

Bestseller for fuller brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

The golden ratio for perfect brows and remembering they should be sisters not twins. 

2, I’m glad I never got into dangly or heavy earrings or more specifically heavy dangly earrings. Thankfully they never suited me and stuck with studs. Like eyebrow arches and long face if you want to make your face look longer and older add dangly earrings, large hoops. I wore hoops a few times, but they hurt my ears, weighed a ton and got in the way. Where’s this going? Dangly earring drag on ear lobes stretching them over time and are a tell tale sign of age. You can botox, filler out your skin, you can’t shrink earlobes (well you can, there’s a procedure to correct them, get Lobe Wonder backings to hold them up or gauges to decrease them. The last one is more for those that had plugs to stretch them). Or in my opinion they do over time they. I see ladies older and younger than me who love dangly earrings and their earlobes are stretched. If dangly earring are your thing, you wear them! You only live once! If they’re not then, well fingers crossed no stretched ear lobes. 

I’ll add it to what my Grandma drummed into me. Hand cream, hand cream, hand cream She always said you can always tell how old you are by the back of your hands. Thanks you her it’s the last thing I do before leaving the house: apply hand cream. My Mum drummed into me always moisture your neck and décolletage. She brings up I think every time Nancy Regan, beautiful skin, but forgot to moisture her neck and it got all wrinkly and saggy (her words!). I’ll add use body lotion daily and even more importantly wear SPF all year round even winter. I wear SPF 50 all year on my face in a separate facial cream as hybrid/mixed in a normal moisturiser aren’t always a good thing. And yes drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veg to keep you skin happy and hydrated. Back to earrings, now I’ve got them double pierced I’m still sticking with lightweight studs. Yes, I’m concerned the additional earring will drag on my ear lobes. Call me vain, but aren’t we all?

What are your not so obvious anti ageing tips or tips from your Mum and Grandmas? White teeth are another. Don’t get me started on at home teeth whitening paste and kits. They do nada. The only way to get white teeth is never have drank coffee, tea, red wine (thankfully I can’t stand the taste of wine or alcohol in general), eat sugar, blueberries, don’t smoke (for a whole host of other reasons) the list goes on and visit the dentist for professional whitening. I recently watched a Instagram Stories video on I think either Nat Geo or WWF on conservation project in Africa. One the rangers had the whitest teeth I’d ever seen. You could tell they never seen sugar or any foods, substance that stain. I was mesmerised and also by that she had of the most beautiful smiles I’d ever seen.

** I acknowledge not everyone is blessed with full eyebrows to start with.

Eyebrow images taken from Goggle Images.