Helping With The Crazy

This week has been non stop. Not that I’m complaining. I like being busy, running here and there, than getting bored. I would have liked it, if wiping down the shower this morning I hadn’t knocked the water on. It took a second to register, I was getting wet and where the water was coming from! The time I should have used drying my hair, I was drying my jumper! I was teaching my exchange fitness class and this was only long sleeved gym top not in the wash. I knew my new hairdryer would get used to dry everything but hair!

Cold start cycling to the gym this morning. Sea 12.2.15

The past few days have been crazy. Monday after my workout, I sprinted back home with 30 minutes to change, eat, leave the house for my osteopath appointment. After the osteopath, I took a trip across the city, I’ve been putting off for a while. One of the few bio shops that sell Attitude cleaning products is located in the posh part of town. If you have transport, it’s easy to get to. If you go by public transport, it’s a mission which is why I’ve been putting it off. I can get the products online, but I could buy the products in store 3 times over if you include shipping. The shop’s about a 20 minute walk from the nearest metro station and I was feeling my bendy knees. I felt like I had new legs! So much, by the time I arrived at the shop, my left little toe started to rub. Something my Converse have never done. The osteo had said that she doesn’t think I need to wear insoles anymore (Hello Shoes!) and whatever she’d done was working. I find the shop, find the washing detergent, make my purchases and leave. I decided to walk the the next metro station about 20 minutes in the other direction. Then I notice that my right knee isn’t moving as well as it had been 30 minutes before and all I can think is remove insoles now, they’re messing which what she’s done. The next bathroom I find I removed them, happy knee. When I got back home late, I said just a 20 minute nap, which turned into a 12 hour nap. Opps, I blame the cough!

New street tiles in the posh part of the city! I believe these are Plane Tree leaves, the tree most popular in the city. Plane tree tiles

The only place to buy Attitude cleaning products in Barcelona.Attitude Organic shop

Reverse sunset, Barceloneta TuesdayReverse sunset Barceloneta 10.2.15

Tuesday was a long day, bunny hops, push ups all were extra hard, I was sore from the osteopath, my cough came back with vengeance just as I thought I was over the worst. Things got done, things didn’t get done. Wednesday my run was hard. It wasn’t so much the cough, my legs weren’t coordinating, but I ran. Sometimes you have to take the bad runs, to appreciate the amazing ones! After chores, class planning, it was time to see my friend for hot chocolate! We hadn’t seen each other since November last year and had a lot to catch up on! She was excitable as she didn’t have any kids in tow and was enjoying the freedom of going where she wanted to for a while. After she left and a little grocery shopping, I cycled back home, had another ’20 minute’ 2 hour nap. So much for my early night and bag preparation for my class today! Again things got done, things didn’t get done. I’m finding that as I get busier, somethings have to go. I’m noticing I’m spending less time on Instagram which is a good thing, but I less time I spend, the less followers. It’s a full time job, playing the Instagram game, and I just want to say to these people, ‘hey you. I have a life outside of IG! Did you know there’s a life outside of IG?’. ‘It’s only been around for a few years and humans have been around for how long?’ I’ve never been the popular girl, never will and I don’t always have the inspiration or time to post everyday. Social media is like popularity contest, almost back at high school, except this time I’m ‘whatever’, if you don’t like it, you know what you can do, which they are, but it is a little disheartening with the work you do put in.

8km along and on the beaches, Wednesday. Not the greatest run, but hey!Wednesday run view!

Where and I’m going with all this? A few weeks ago I took an amazing Kathryn Budig online Yogaglo class. I think it was a vinyasa class titled Love Yourself. If you have ever taken one of her classes, she’s full of infinite wisdom, her classes are fun, you take away something every time whether it’s learning how to do a pose correctly, how to feel it or a different look on life. That day was a little ah ah moment when she said, ‘Whatever needs to get done today, willand it’s been helping the past few weeks. I’m not using it as an excuse for my nap issues, but what needs to get done does, everything else has to wait its turn. It helps get through all the crazy, non stop days when my to do list is longer than hours in the day!

What’s one of your favourite inspirational quotes? Do you find social media takes up more time than you’d like?


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    I like IG, but I try not to post often. I think a few times per week is enough. My life isn’t that exciting. Some people post multiple times per day, and I think that borders on too much for me personally. I do love seeing everyone’s photos though. It’s true you have to be present to gain followers.

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      It’s a game! Always a game and if you don’t like playing by the rules…well!

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