Spring Dilemmas and Pug Dogs

This isn’t meant to be a whinge, more how I feel when the heat starts to kick in and I’m that no mans land transition between season how do I dress, so it could be perceived as one. Plus some other random thoughts and observations of the past few weeks. 

Now the heat’s just beginning to start, 22-25C during the day, which means that as soon as you get your legs out they’re meant to be tan already. The outdoor swimmers at my gym are already brown. The rest or rather me who’s 10 shades lighter feel very very pale and insignificant. I know a tan’s not everything and yes it’s bad for you, but you can’t help feeling pale. Every year it’s the same oh ‘you’re so pale!, you’re so pale!’ it’s already started and my comeback’s now ‘¡Sabes que, no he notado que estoy tan blanca!’, ‘You know, I’ve never noticed I’m so pale!’. Not once being surrounded with tan in a day people never once have I ever considered myself to be pale. Neither growing up with my Mum who’s a tan in a day and a Dad who turns first red then tans. And yes I have some colour already. Somehow I get away with it being tongue in chic.

Is it bad that when I train in the evenings at my gym I take comfort that most of those who work indoors are pale too? Or at least for now.

Now it’s heating up, it’s shorts weather, I have no idea what to wear. Along my more natural habitat the beach and outdoors not in the centre I’m comfortable in shorts. It’s warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt which others (natives) are the same by the beaches, but not all out short shorts and cami tops just yet. Dressing is tricky at the moment. Playing the line between what’s acceptable for now, pale legs and being comfortable after months of layers. While I’m happy to wear a little colour, I feel it’s too early for colours without being a focal point (as I’m learning wearing a pink kimono cardigan/jacket), WTF is she wearing. I feel I stand out enough as it is and don’t want to scream ‘aqui!’, even more. Blouses are a good option, but I cycle with a backpack and I’m not sure they’ll work together.

Luckily for now I have no need to endure wearing trousers or a jacket in hot weather, being more socially acceptably covered in a working office sense. It’s not like I haven’t climatised either. I have but in 23C I’m not wearing a lightweight puffer jacket and scarf like some are still wearing or leggings. However when I wear shorts shopping or in the centre I’m conscious I’m underdressed and look like a tourist as it’s not summer hot yet. I’m looking for a pair of slightly smarter denim or non denim shorts for in the centre shopping. All I can find are mom shorts or ripped denim show bum cheeks which I don’t particularly want to do. I wear short denim shorts in the summer, however a girl needs options without shopping at granny shops or breaking the bank looking for a classic. And I’m not a girl who wears skirts or dress. I have a few dresses I like to look at rather than wear, I don’t own a skirt and have no intention of doing so. Every Spring without fail as soon as I get my legs and arms out people start talking to me in English mistaking me for a tourist. I’ve no idea how pale Spanish redheads deal with it. But then they’re probably redheads who tan.

I gave up on expensive shorts, denim shorts, tops and bikinis long ago. Wear them as much as me cycling they don’t last long with wear and tear of the bike seat, a backpack, suncream and sweat. No I don’t cycling in just my bikini, it’s underneath. But I love cycling as transport so it’s the price I pay.

Now my hair’s getting longer, I’m beginning to understand why those with long hair don’t wash it everyday. I’d love to be no ‘poo for a few days. I’ve tried it for 1 day, it’s not me. My hair’s so fine and gets greasy so quickly I wash it everyday. I can’t stand the greasy feeling it gets in a day. Maybe I should try apple cider vinegar rinses in-between shampooing, but then again I’m on a hairdresser prescribed OWay hair treatment, scalp remedy, infra-red treatment course at the moment and it would probably mess up all the treatment.

Everyday my eyeliner intention is a skinny line with a delicate flick. Some days the eyeliner gods shine down on me giving me a perfect kitten flick. Most days I bump against an eyelash normally above my iris and/or before the white of the inner eye starts and end up with a much thicker line from evening everything out.

I’ve been seeing a lot of pug dogs recently and thanks to Men In Black whenever I see one I think it’s going to start talking like Frank the Pug. I know in my sound mind it won’t, but….

How do you dress transitioning between seasons?

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