Dancing Shoes

Monday I was full of motivation for the up and coming months. Tuesday I woke up in funk. No umpf, no mojo, zilch, nada. I don’t like funks, the day drags on and I feel like time and day light is being wasted. I managed to pull myself out of it by thinking what I’m grateful for and getting back on track with plans.

Early morning sun. Monday
Early morning sun. Monday

I know what caused the funk. Frustration of being stuck in limbo. At the moment it’s a waiting game and it seems time is ticking away and I’m being left behind. I’m waiting to recover from injury, for insoles to help with the injury and get back to being balanced, my Personal Training certificate (nearly 6 months). A lot of waiting all round. I’m grateful for many things in my life and this pulls me through my funks. People may have more than me and others may have less so I appreciate what I have and try not to take it for granted, though it’s very easy to forget this. The only way out of limbo land is me. It’s easy to feel disheartened when others don’t seem to pull through and you play your role. Patience helps, so does looking at situations from other angles to get the motivation going again!

Monday was a crazy day. I couldn’t find rhythm for my motivation. The day went fast and I didn’t seem to get anything done, though I did. My English student made my day when I asked her where least/worse bit of her day was: carrots for lunch and her favourite bit: Now, her class with me! That’s what every teacher likes to hear. If she enjoys the classes, she’ll learn without knowing she’s learning English!

I switched up my workout to 80% pre injury effort both with weight and single leg work. The ankle seemed okay and the rest of the day if it hurt, I was too busy to notice. It didn’t however like yoga that much and grumbled a bit afterwards. It’s still trial and error as to what works and not burning out on a good day.IMG_8598

My guy was on watch Tuesday, so he wasn’t around for my funk. Just as well, being around a moping person isn’t nice! Workout wise I think I just went through the motions. I went back down to 75% normal effort due to yoga the night before. I started to feel more normal later cycling. Maybe I just needed a hit of cardio, fresh air endorphins!IMG_8621

Tuesday's 10km bike ride
10km bike ride view Tuesday.
Sky on fire Tuesday evening

Wednesday, my mojo was back and I mean back! I had my dancing shoes on! Energy levels are getting back to normal…uh oh! I upped my workout to 80% added side lunges (I’ve noticed that my adductors aren’t used to running after 5 weeks off), upped the pace and broke out in a little sweat! I had crazy dancing moments throughout the day. Injury or no injury, if I want shake it, I’ll shake it! Dancing’s always a good mood booster!

Sunrise Wednesday
Sunrise Wednesday


My boyfriends Mac screen has some how messed up so we went to the Apple Store in Cap3000 to see what they could do. €400 to replace the screen! The Genius Bar was fully booked, so we have to go back another day. That’s fine by me! The insoles may have arrived by then and Aldo had some good-looking biker boots!

Wednesday dinner was tasty. Kidney bean, avocado salad with a side dish of sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli. Sunday’s dinner had a vegan twist: vegan quesadillas! The advantages of living with a chef who’s at home to cook!

Some news Wednesday also boosted my mood: update on my certificate and what caused my ankle to go pop. That though, is for next time!

And these two: AJ’s thought he’d hide under a cushion. He chose the biggest and it was disbelief to watch him try to hide under. Normally he just runs away and hides under the duvet when he gets scared. Diesel was determined to hang out in his hammock even if it was broken, hence the cross face. Cat’s do odd things.

What’s your go to for getting of funks? Exercise, music, talking?


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    Vegan quesadillas sound great! Oh and dancing is the ultimate healer 🙂

    1. says:

      Tell me about it! Dirty Dancing and Blues Brothers sound track with some disco thrown in. Just as well there was no one around!!

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