Weekend Friday Favourites

The heat was back this weekend making me one happy girl feeling and soaking up the  sun! Anyways, I’ll keep chit chat short and sweet and get into this weeks, Weekend Friday Favourites. Or Monday Weekend Friday Favourites as I couldn’t keep my eyes open Sunday evening. A round up of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Ugi/Medicine Ball Wall Squats Chest Throw/Pass

These are fun and all you need is a medicine ball or an ugi ball or ugi ball substitute and a wall. Standing about 1.5-2 metres facing a wall Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Puente Weekend

I have a new method or thing when I suddenly find myself falling or fallen down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit warren of social media internet. When I realise that what I’m looking at or watching is pure crap, I tell myself ‘well that’s 5 minutes of your life you’re never going to get back’. The more times I say it, the more times I hesitate or attempt to stop myself going down that rabbit warren. It’s working. It doesn’t help social media can be addicting, but the more times I say it, the more productive I am from not falling down that rabbit hole. Can it work for night naps too?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “Puente Weekend”

Happy Belated World Elephant Day!

Happy World Elephant Day, to the majestic, matriarchal, amazing eyelashes, trunk does everything, girls in charge who’ve have inspired a 1000 tales!Elephant Barcelona Zoo

At my tropical sanctuary, aka Barcelona Zoo are 3 elephants. They’re doing better than a few years ago and I believe this year they getting a new larger enclosure. As are the giraffes, hippos and maybe the lions. An African Savannah. Elephant Barcelona ZooElephant Barcelona Zoo

Sadly maybe one day a zoo might be the only place we get to see elephants. Wild elephant numbers are falling due to poaching for their tusks, habitat loss and human conflict. It’s estimated a 100 elephants are killed each day for their tusks. The demand for ivory is so great, there are even hunters in Siberia searching in the thawing tundra for woolly mammoth tusks (unlike elephant ivory, the sale of mammoth tusks is legal). The illegal ivory trade funds wars. Fighting the trade is a war. Park rangers are now better armed, have government support, but they face poachers more heavily armed, better equipped and with more resources. Sniffer dogs are helping combat the trade, sniffing out ivory as it’s smuggled in transit. ‘White gold‘ or ivory’s now worth more than gold.Elephant Barcelona Zoo

When an elephant is poached for it’s ivory, baby elephants loose their mums, their support system. Baby elephants recuse centres like the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust have baby mini matriarchs looking after even younger elephants. It’s cute, but they don’t get a baby elelphanthood. Some are so traumatised loosing their mums they don’t make it out of elephant kindergarten. All for pair of status symbol ivory chopsticks. And money. It always comes back to money.Elephant Barcelona Zoo

Here’s how you can help to ensure baby elephants grow up with their mama’s, aunty’s, visiting bulls in the jungle forests or vast savannahs. Check out the WWF, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and World Elephant Day to see how.