Buff Epic Run 2017 and Catch Up

Tomorrow’s officially the first day of Winter! Or Summer if you’re a lucky duck to be in the Southern Hemisphere. The days start to get longer even if it’s by a few seconds each day. 3 months and counting until Spring!

This past weekend was a little action packed, Buff Epic Run, lots of bike rides, last minute Christmas present wrapping and numerous Post Office trips as you always forget a few people and parcels to collect. I’ll leave ya with a little photo catch up!


Vets in the morning and last minute wrapping pushed my run late before sprint cycling to the Post Office. Yoga mat and cat bed are essentials wrapping presents on the floor which the best place to wrap any present. 360 degrees of space for someone who’s not the neatest. Special Kings Day post box. Kings Day, 6th January is Spain’s main present giving day during the Holidays. Some families do Santa and others do both.


This year the Buff Epic Run was held at Port Forum instead of it’s usual Montjuic course. Costume for this short and sweet obstacle race is encouraged. My costumes for this race are usually low key as I want to be able to climb over the obstacles, work my way to the front and not get caught up behind people on obstacles or in people blocks. There were some cool costumes once again this year, Olympic swimmers in bathrobes, divers, Muntant Ninja Turtles, devils, Santas, guys in drag, way better ninja costumes than mine; All black with a black HM mens XS t-shirt as my face mask (I know, original right).The course is untimed and about 1km the t-shirt mask came off. I couldn’t breathe! I think because of the new location there were few runners this year and I was able to work myself up to the second row meeting up with one the girls I ran Maori with. This time we ran in our own time not as a team as the obstacles were a lot easier. The 8km course was filled with hills and slopes which added an extra challenge as I not used to so many slopes and hills. I think the course was shorter than 8k, maybe 6km as I finished way quicker than my usual 8km time.Saturday afternoon was filled with tidying up and more shopping – grocery shopping.

Cycling through Parc de la Ciutadella (please excuse the over exposure!) While I ran around these 2 napped.


Sunday saw a switch around in workouts. As I ran Saturday, Sunday was Tone It Up Studio Tone It Up App workouts. I gradually working out which teachers style I like. I had a blast doing Jillian’s Shake and Burn Dance Cardio. My coordination at times was questionable and it made me realise how much I miss dance areobics! I hope TIU bring out more of her classes as they’re so much fun. And Karena’s Beach Band Sculpt with Karena, you really feel working the booty!What Sunday isn’t complete without saying Hi to my friends at the zoo?!

How’s your week going? Are you looking forward to the rest of the Holidays?

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