Chasing Light. Pink Sky At Night

No Weekend Friday Favourites this week. If I’ve only posted once during the week I feel it’s a bit OTT to go look at what I found, look at what made me smile! This week’s been a little crazy, vets, all the Christmas wrapping, cards and Post Office in one day (I wasn’t kidding when I said I leave things to the last minute) and pressing snooze one to many times causing a knock on effect of being busy not productive. However being busy, running late sometimes means you catch an amazing sunset or reverse sunset as I did cycling Monday. So I’ll leave you a few photos chasing light and surfers.

I’m always in awe how the winter light refracts through the atmosphere resulting in sunsets that light up the sky. I’m equally in awe how the sea acts as a mirror reflecting these amazing colours and not to mention how nature has the best colour wheel around.

What colour sunsets do you prefer and stop and make you think we live on an amazing planet? I prefer pinks and pastels over deep reds and oranges, though nothing beats a winter sunset that lights up the entire sky an deep intense pinky red that reflects and bounces off everything.



  1. says:

    I like sunsets of all colours, but winter is always the worst season here as there is more pollution than the rest of the year 🙁 so not many visible sunsets for us these days!

    1. says:

      That’s not good! I don’t know how you do with all the pollution. Here’s bad enough at times. On the sea horizon at times you can see a yellow fog and if up by Tibidabo you can see it over the city.

      1. says:

        Air filters at home and a mask to go out… life must go on!

      2. says:

        🙂 I like your attitude!

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