Autumn Fall Rescheduling

Happy Autumn Fall and Happy October!

There’s something about the Equinoxes more than the Solstices that leave me wanting a change or a wake up in scheduling, new energy, or being more reflective. Maybe it’s the equal length of day and night wanting balance. Maybe it’s the change in light, change in temperature. Solstices feel more about new beginnings; beginning of longer days in the winter, heat in the summer. Equinox’s are like the detox to the cold and heat or light and dark. 

If August flew by without being able to catch my breath, September didn’t want to be left out. Before I knew I was back to rushing about getting places on time. Climbing classes have started again, the zoo closes earlier, appointments, the sun sets around 19.40 (why can’t the longer days stay? Because Earth has a gravitational orbit it needs to stick to so you get that sunlight Nat and that means a few months of less sun.). I say this every Continue reading “Autumn Fall Rescheduling”

Weekend Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is baaaack after a 2 week break! I’ll try and keep it short now I’m back in the routine of back to normal. I’m looking forward to this weekend once I get my outdoor fitness coursework finished. This last weekend of summer is meant to be a little warmer of late and as I’ve been brought up work before play (which is so instilled even though I caught my Mum a few years ago on a visit back, sitting doing crosswords when she said she would be making the bed and cleaning the bathrooms. For years she drummed it in to me ‘work before play’ when she says it now I laugh saying ‘Oh yeah? Crosswords!’. I gave myself permisson to slack after that, but not too much.) I’m hoping I get studying finished in time to enjoy some sun!

Anyways, Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Arnie’s Words of Wisdom 

fromtrextotigress posted this a few weeks ago and I agree 100%. I just need to apply it to blogging and my personal training business. Always work in progress!

Aj and D

Just because! Diesel’s favourite day I think was when their food and ‘toilet paper’ delivery came. AJ love snacks (part of the their breakfast and dinner that I place around the apartment so they ‘hunt’) from tunnel.

H&M Cat Tape DispenserHM Black Cat Tape Dispenser

Like I need another tape dispenser (I have their Flamingo one from last year), but I couldn’t pass it up!

Graffiti in El BornGraffiti El Borne

Cycling through El Borne this week, this crow caught my eye.

H&M BeautyHM Beauty Department Las RamblasHM Beauty Department Las Ramblas

I was just a little excitement when I found out last week, H&M’s beauty line launched in Spain! Not just make up, but skin care and hair care at affordable prices. It’s cruelty free, organic, Ecocert-certified, and sustainable! No parabens, GMO’s etc (though I did read paraffin oil in a few eyeshadows). If only they did reward points like Sephora, it’ll be perfect! So far their Sea Mist Salt Water Spray is surprisingly good (nothing like K&K’s Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray. That is amazing aside the international shipping price) and I may have purchases a few other items.

Pebbles From GreeceGreek Pebbles

Nearly every time I go to the beach, I come back with shells or pebbles. They go in a jar or dish. One jar, dish per year or country. They’re like gemstones to me!

Mangabey Monkeys, Peahens, Bats and DragonfliesBats and Dragonflies

The zoo’s still open until 8pm until the first day of Autumn next week. It’s a great time at the moment to be there to hear the birds settle to roost and see bats out hunting. Even dragonflies are still up 20 minutes before sunset! You can just make one out by the near middle.

You don’t look like me! One of the younger mangabey monkeys who was equally as curious as the peahen she was of him.Mangabey Monkey and Peahen, Barcelona Zoo

Press Up with Lateral Sandbag Dragsandbag-pushup_0

These have always been a favourite of mine. Works just about everything! I also like the 2nd variation  here and move forward in a plank to drag it again rather than push it back (some space required!). Trick is to stay in a plank position and the sandbag maintain contact with the ground.

Internet Finds

Unfortunate pink cat’s rescue with a a decree from the King, who ended up improving souq animal welfare conditions in Bahrain.

4 elderly bears who spent 20 years in captivity get to feel grass for the first time in years.

What happens when bears go to rehab.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Sandbag pressup drag image taken from Google Images