February 2023: Magical Light Month Part 1

If January had golden light, February had magical light.

February saw some good bargain finds and most days were sky making almost perfect light all day! I was going to switch up monthly recaps into street and nature into 2 parts respectively. However I’d have to do 4 posts, so I’m sticking with 2. There’s little reading, mostly photos.

The month started with the bargain of the year. Near me is a second hand shop that actively helps people get on their feet, has a catering school, recycles not only clothes to resell but also the fibres to be recycled called Fundació Formació i Treball or Education and Work Foundation. I’m not sure if it’s for tax purposes, to look good, Inditex who owns Zara, Zara Home, Pull and Bear, Lefties, Stradivarius, Oysho to name a few donate bulk items. A lot is from Zara Home such as bedding from about 5-6 years ago (I recognise the patterns) that has probably in a warehouse someplace laying around. It’s all still good quality. I don’t usually go in, yet a voice said go as it has in the past and I’ve found brand new bargains. I’m sure there was a small defect however I got a €129 mirror for €20! It would have been another €20 to deliver however there’s a box trolley lying around so I used that. I’ve since broken it however luck would have it, I go the next day and they had more in stock! I think the second donation batch has small defects however their mirror is a good one. I also found last year when a voice said go in a Zara Home acacia wood towel/blanket stand for €5. Brand new all with labels on. Retail on Zara Home, €70!

I finally got to explore Parque de las Aguas. It’s always been as a place to visit in the city. Once a water tower for the local neighbourhood in Dreta de L’Eixample, later a water park in the summer to cool off and now quite run down few trees and bushes growing dirt. To access you go through a tunnel in between the buildings. It’s currently temporarily closed I think for renovations which it badly needs.

Buildings and all styles of architecture along the same street.

The light was magical most days. White bird of Paradise leaves, Zoo Barcelona

Puffy tree sparrow, Zoo Barcelona

Monk parakeet cleaning its bill. Most nature and birds photos were taken at the zoo. Why where else Nat!

Herons. For birds so big, they like trees!

Cattle crane

Starling preening

Cattle crane with nest twigs.

Cute Barbet birds at the zoo.

I’ve noticed here that when there’s a big change in season or temperature there’s big storm for a few days or a day of heavy rain. A storm at the beginning of the month brought the warmer sunny skies. I didn’t give up my winter coat for a few more weeks.

The same evening as the beach photos I found this boop boop walking back (no cycling as the wind was too strong) on the path near the beaches. I’ve no idea if it was dropped by a seagull, fisherman or swept up in the wind.

While Barcelona itself didn’t have any snow, the mountains surrounding it did during the storm!

So much was washed up during the storm. The beach I help clean got hit badly. The council can only remove so much with beach tractors as some parts is protected nesting ground (which everybody ignores). We’re still cleaning it up months later! It also always amazes me where plants grow.

Part of a sack wedged in the tree trunk washed up looking like a whale’s eye. I was curious how the sack got wedged so tightly in the wood. Did the tree grow with the sack or did the sack get caught in the trunk at sea and both expanded in the water trapping it?

18.30 and just turning dark! The days are getting longer!

H&M took over an old bank building in Passeig de Gracia a few years ago and have been renovating it this year. This was a restaurant within H&M now transformed into H&M Home! I always like looking in H&M Home. I don’t have to buy anything, I just like looking.

Exploring Barcelona’s unofficial ‘China Town’ I came across this former pharmacy now a florist! They’ve kept all the original interior inside from the tiles to shelving.

January and February I saw a lot of robins. I haven’t seen many for a long time and suddenly they were everywhere in the Park and Zoo Barcelona (I’m a member and go often to practice photography).

Monk parakeets snacking! Just a few more photos. Promise!

Parakeets: master nest engineers.

Lemurs keeping warm in afternoon winter sun. Zoo Barcelona

Koa’s first winter. She doesn’t like the cold much quickly learning the warmest place to sleep at night is with me and the duvet.

I recommend this book to any cat human even if you have no intention of getting your cat to use the toilet. Diesel taught himself how to pee in the toilet however when I learnt it was bad Feng Shui to have the toilet seat lid up, he thankfully wasn’t too bothered he couldn’t use it. He did take any opportunity he could get to try or drink from it. With Koa for the same reason I’m keeping the lid down. I hadn’t read this book since I got it years ago and now wish I had when the boys (AJ and D) were still here. It’s a great book on cat psychology with most unwanted cat behaviours stemming from the litter box.

Perhaps on of favourite photos this year. Ring Neck parakeets breaking into the Catalan Parliament building as seen from the Zoo.

Thank you for making it this far! Until next time!

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