Random Thoughts

I’d thought it’d be fun to do another random thoughts aloud. Or with me realisations.

I know I’m often late to most games and parties, but I’ve just realised why there are random emojis animals, like the dragon, mouse and rooster. They’re all part of the Chinese zodiac! I’m not the only one to ask WFT does that mean about certain emojis. Sleepy face has a tear coming out it’s ‘nose’. Eh?! Thank’s to iemoji.com for explaining that one.sleepy-face

Every summer my hair goes through a moult like the cats. This year I’m kinda concerned as I’ve found some strands of a colour I don’t really want to talk about, that the regrowth will be the colour I don’t really want to talk about. I’ve never dyed my hair. I’m already imagining and getting anxious about weird colours after the hairdressers. I see women dye their hair my hair colour here and I get scared looking at them. I don’t think I have it in me to let that colour I don’t really want to talk about be the main colour. Some woman can pull it off. Not me. They have colour corrective solutions right?

Mini Mochis are vegan marshmallows!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Which brings me to my sweet tooth. The past year it’s diminished. I still get the occasional  sweet craving but I don’t know what’s happened. I used to have a chocolate bar a day and now I hardly eat any. I don’t know if it’s down to that most sweet things are off limits. No milk, eggs, processed sugar (hormones, acne, destroyer of collagen) or palm oil (I like organutans more). I still can get through 3 packets of fruit Mentos in a day (it’s not my fault they come in packs of 3 and my will power when I’m actually craving something sweet is nil), but I don’t feel the need or desire so much for sweet stuff. Maybe it’s fruit smoothies, date balls and meedjool dates that keep it under check. I seem to now reach of savoury snacks first. Peanut butter sandwich. Yes please.

Why is it an outfit or time of clothing you love or feel good in, suddenly you can’t wear it anymore. One week it’s great, a few weeks later you can’t stand it or it just doesn’t work like it used to. It can be catching yourself in a reflection, the touch of it, a not so good day, there’s something that makes it loose it’s appeal. And you never want to wear it again.

Being a girl can be expensive. Why!

Why are Korean dramas so addictive.

I never used to suffer from allergies, but since last Spring (2015) they’ve got worse. I sneeze more, plane trees when they’re in pre flower (like cotton flowers) and blossom mode make me cough, my eyes run, nose run and be blocked at the same time, some mornings I wake up and my nose’s the combo of the above; runny and blocked at the same time. I can be fine one minute and the next ‘are you getting a cold?’. It can happen anywhere. I can be on the beach fine and then it starts. I dunno if something in the wind, or someone’s suncream. Put me somewhere where the air’s clean and it starts. Thankfully I don’t get black bogies anymore like in London. There’s so polluted your nose works overtime filtering out all the crap.

This may have been a whinge session. It wasn’t meant to be!

I think I’ve gone up in my Chinese neighbours eyes. The other week I was taking out the rubbish in one of the Asian supermarket carrier bags. (here’s there’s about 6 different types of streets bins; plastic, paper, glass, trastos or scrap within reason of taking it to a dump or punto verde, green point, organic and household waste like cat litter, cat and dog poo, cigarette butts, smashed plates etc. Glass bulbs, kitchen oil you take to the punto verde). Thanks to an unfortunate incident where the cat litter bin bag spilt on the bike right in the doorway of the lift, I take the organic and household waste bins/bags if I going with my bike in a carrier bag. I know, I know waste, recycling etc. Anyways, as I was waiting for the lift, some of my Chinese neighbours came to wait too. The husband noticed the said carrier bag and gestured to his wife. She them beamed me a big smile as in, you shop in Asian supermarkets! Kinda, for coconut water and peanut butter. Oh and mini mochas, wheat germ flakes, organic apple cider vinegar and organic quinoa that’s cheaper than anywhere else.

I’m not sure if I scraped my bike lock or someone tried to hack it, but how did this happen? Please excuse the blurriness. IMG_1147

And random thoughts lately? Please share!

Sleepy emoji taken from Google images.



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  2. says:

    I’m going with a random ding on the bike lock – no sign of the serrations that would be there if someone took a couple hacks at it with a saw.

    1. says:

      I think so too. I’ve no idea how I did it as I don’t remember dropping it! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. says:

    I never knew what that emoji meant! Thanks for clearing that up.

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