6 Things I Never Considered Cycling

I love cycling. It’s my transport, it’s my freedom, it gives me great cardio and helps sculpt my quads.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s environmentally friendly and cheap to run after Continue reading “6 Things I Never Considered Cycling”

Random Thoughts

I’d thought it’d be fun to do another random thoughts aloud. Or with me realisations.

I know I’m often late to most games and parties, but I’ve just realised why there are random emojis animals, like the dragon, mouse and rooster. They’re all part of the Chinese zodiac! I’m not the only one to ask WFT does that mean about certain emojis. Sleepy face has a tear coming out it’s ‘nose’. Eh?! Thank’s to iemoji.com for explaining that one.sleepy-face

Every summer my hair goes through a moult like the cats. Continue reading “Random Thoughts”

No Irrational Fears Here

I’d thought it’ll fun to do another random thoughts and why things do what they do. So without further ado:

Why is it I can swim in the sea just fine, albeit, very close, 10 meters or so to the shoreline knowing there are sharks out there with no worries. Okay, I don’t swim much out my depth, but put me in a swimming pool and I can’t stop thinking when are the sharks coming. Continue reading “No Irrational Fears Here”