October November Beauty Finds

I received some great news yesterday. As many of you know long before I became a vegan I’ve always opted for cruelty free beauty products. No animal testing please. Thanks to Leaping Bunny and PETA I’ve managed to stick to this. (Thankful too that my beloved Korean products also don’t!). For a long time it was down to the company’s ethics if they tested or not. A few years ago the EU banned all cosmetic animal testing with various organisations putting pressure on other countries to follow. So many brands I’ve avoid mainly due to China. I found out a few years ago while some companies say they don’t test on animals, if they sell physically in stores in China that means the products have been subjected to 3rd party animal testing as required by Chinese law, for all imported cosmetics. China did ban a few years ago animal testing on domestic products but imported products were still required to be tested. This meant I’ve left a lot of products on the shelf. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Care2 announced yesterday that China will soon allow importation of non animal tested cosmetics!. Which is fantastic news, if and when it happens! Continue reading “October November Beauty Finds”

Weekend Friday Favourites

I’ll try to keep this one short seeing as I’ve missed quite a few Weekend Friday Favourites recently. It’s that thing called life, those night naps and YouTube.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile recently or caught my eye.

Aromatica Rose Absolute First SerumAromatica Absolute First Serum

One of the sales assistants in Miin when I popped in a few weeks ago knew I’d be sold with this. 100% vegan certified Korean serum! Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

January Beauty Finds

I can’t believe it’s February! January flew by and dragged out. Does anyone else have months like that?

My latest ‘obsession’ is Korean cosmetics and for good reason. Since I’ve discovered Miin and Missha here, Sephora hasn’t had much of a look in. Korean skincare is years ahead of Western skincare and the packaging is much cuter!

I have 3 requirements when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. Number 1, no animal testing! Number 2 no animal ingredients that I’m aware of apart from honey and beeswax. I’m a vegan, but I eat honey. Number 3, no nasty ingredients like parabens, SLS, petrochemicals etc. I prefer more natural products, thought with make up this can be tricky, so I go with what I can get. My skin’s a combination, oily and dry.

Etude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner, BlackEtude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner

What I love about this eyeliner is it’s application. I’m not the best at applying eyeliner. One eye goes fine, the other I have to even out the two eyes. I can never seem to get eyeliner on the water line and make it stay there (or even get it on the water line!). This pen I can work with to get it as close and fine to the waterline just above the eyelashes. I like the liner a little thicker on the outer eye and this can get the thickness. The application’s smooth, if I make boo boo, it doesn’t try immediately so I have a few seconds to do my best to sort it out without much smudging. It also doesn’t as I’ve noticed with eyeliners (maybe this is how I apply it. I slant the pen) affect mascara. I’ve noticed the lashes are coated in eyeliner with the mascara clumping even with an eyelash comb. This doesn’t do this! If I want it longer lasting, I apply black eyeshadow as a liner over the top. It also lasts through workouts! Etude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner

Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact #2Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact

I featured this in Weekend Friday Favourites a few weeks ago, but I found out I was using it incorrectly. I’d been using the a kabuki brush which was okay. 2 weeks ago, while I was waiting for it to dry, I used the puff that came with it that I’d left in as a shock absorber in case I dropped it. The difference between using a brush and a puff was immediate. Smoother application and longer lasting between touch ups. I mentioned this to the girl in Miin who said, doh, you use the puff not a brush! My excuse, I’ve always read apply powder with a brush! When I have used powder and puff previously, it’s clogged as I’ve tried to soak up the shine. But then this from Korea and they know a thing or about oily skin and powders. I should mention that this is a translucent powder!Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact

Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin DropDear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

I used this as a morning serum. It felt at first a little drying, but since I’ve been using an essence underneath, it feels better. Pre essence I did notice a difference with lines and general texture. Post essence my skin loves it! It’s a little expensive, but is lasts about 2-3 months so the price isn’t so bad spread out. I love that helps protect my skin from pollution and UV damage, helps with skin tone and texture while simulating collagen!

Missha LoveSecret Hand CreamMissha LoveSecret Hand Cream

Aside from the cute packaging that may have incited me, what I love about this is that they’re perfect handbag size! They’re quick absorbing, non greasy and have been helping me fight my chapped hands!

Sephora Kiss Me, Pink Bubble Gum balm/glossSephora Kiss Me, Pink Bubble Gum

This gives that just barely there colour more than a lip balm, smells like bubble gum and best bit, isn’t sticky.

Missha Sheet MasksMissha Sheet Masks

Firstly I can’t believe the price of these compared to Sephora’s own and they do a better job (because they’re Korean!). Sephora’s own sheet masks are €3.95 each. These are €1.99! The sheet mask itself is a lot thicker than other masks I’ve tried and after working my way through those without parabens, my skin loves the rice, lotus and mango. You apply them after cleansing, toning and serum and before cream. Basically the sheet stops ingredients from evaporating before they can do their job. They are best done alone but they’re worth the 20 minutes of looking like an horror movie extra. At the moment with cold air outside and warm air indoors, they’ve been helping adding extra hydration for brighter skin. I can’t wait for the summer to pop one in the fridge before applying and feel my face cool down!

The Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte ChoThe Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte Cho

If you get excited walking into Sephora, Boots, CVS, John Lewis Beauty hall or any beauty hall for that matter, you’ll get excited reading this! Admittedly I’m only 1/2 way through after finding it in Urban Outfitters last week. Something said go in and I’m glad I did. Charlotte Cho an American Korean who grew up anti beauty products moved to Korea for a few years, only to return to the US to get her esthetician licence. I think that says it all about Korean skincare. Western skincare or cosmetics is about contouring, covering up blemishes, removing shine then applying highlighters, matte skin, heavy make up. Korean skincare is the opposite. It’s about having such radiaten skin, you don’t need much make up. Which explains why in Miin, they have more skin care products than make up. 1/2 way through reading and everything clicked. Why wasn’t this book around 20 years ago? I needed it back then! I have been doing for years what she preaches the most, wearing SPF. That I have been doing right!The Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte Cho

2 days after only getting 1/4 way through and okay, sneakily reading ahead, I was in Miin looking at essence, night masks, different cleansers and in the supermarket looking for an Italian exfoliating cloth (I went with a sisal exfoliating glove). It’s only been a week and I’m already noticing a huge difference. My skin feels hydrated, looks healthier from following the advice. The best bit, a glow during the day instead of oil shine. My existing cleanser, toner, night cream and SPF I’m still be using and appear to be working happily with the new editions. Emphasis is the right products, not who endorses it, whether it’s expensive. Expensive doesn’t always mean it works better than a cheaper product. I wish I could phrase the review more eloquently. Basically if you’re a beauty junkie, I can’t recommend it enough! She also has her own online store, Soko Glam selling products in the US. In Europe, there’s Miin!

Have your tried any Korean Skin care products? What’s your latest cosmetics obsession?!

November Beauty Finds

I can’t believe December’s here. This year’s gone way too quickly. It seems as you get older time flies faster and faster. You look back, you look forward, you panic, you smile. As of now in less than 3 weeks the days start to get ever so slightly longer. That’s a smile!
December's short days

I have 3 requirements when it comes to skin care and cosmetics; as natural as possible, no parabens, SLS, petrochemicals etc, not test on animals and contain no animal ingredients aside from beeswax/honey that I’m aware of (though a vegan, I eat honey). With make up this can be tricky, so I go with what I can get. My skin’s a combination of oily and dry and it’s happier with less products. Recently I’ve been trying out Korean brands as those ladies take great care of their skin and there’s Miin, a Korean Cosmetic shop in Barcelona I love popping into. Though my basic skin care hasn’t changed.

Dear Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream/BB Cream From Miin Cosmetics Dear Klairs, Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream/BB creamThis is a rival to the Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream I’m using. Initially I thought this would be too pale as it only comes in one shade and Korean ladies prefer pale skin. It colour adapts and Sephora’s 8hr Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation adds extra colour. The coverage isn’t as full as Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit, but with concealer where needed, it’s fine. What I love about this BB cream is I hardly feel like I’m wearing any foundation/BB cream at all. It feels like silk! It’s also long-lasting with few powder touch ups and more importantly it doesn’t cake. It holds its own through workouts. It does have an odd smell, but this is minor compared to it’s what it does! I’m defintely buying it again, like I need an excuse to pop into Miin!

SNP Animal Sheet Fibre Face MasksSNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Sheet Mask

Another find from Miin! They’re easy to use, cleanse, place mask, smooth it out, leave on for 15-20 mins, preferably when nobody’s around. I find clay masks can be too harsh and drying or gel masks not hydrating enough. These give extra hydration and are cooling at the same time, which is perfect right now in the cold months, moving from cold air outdoors to warm air indoors. From what I’ve read, sheet mask ingredients are absorbed more into the skin than regular face masks. My skin looks and feels refreshed afterwards. I can’t find anything saying if SNP do or do not test on animals, so I’m going with what they said in the shop. I’ll probably get Sephora’s own next time as I know they don’t test on animals. And if they come with animal faces printed on, it’s grown up face paint and dance out your inner Cats (the musical), okay.

The only problem I had was smoothing out the sheet over my nose. I ended up make extra tears to accommodate. You're gonna hear me roar SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Sheet Mask

Sephora Fiber Eye MasksSephora Fiber Eye Mask

These work in the same way as the sheet masks and I love them! These you can wear with others around! I’m working my way through their range, but to be honest, they all seem to refresh, tone, perk up and brighten up around the eyes.

Sephora Cuticle Pusher and NipperSephora Cuticle Pusher and Nipper

Easy to use, does the job, don’t press to hard (can cut yourself), why didn’t I buy it sooner!

What’s been your recent cosmetic find you can’t get enough of at the moment?!