Coming back home on the back of the motorbike this evening, I thought what would it be like if I was picked up off the back of the bike by one of the stuffed toy grabber things at amusement arcades. War of the Worlds popped in my head then, I couldn’t remember if it was War of The Worlds or Scary Movie, that had everyone in a net and would I end up in the net if I was picked up off the back of the bike by one of those stuffed toy grabber things at the amusement arcades.

Today’s been one of those days where I’ve felt like I’ve been running around in circles. I’ve got things done, but I’ve no idea where the time went. I had a great workout and remembered how much fun bunny hops are (seriously I love them). I realised that I can put both feet flat in downward dog, something I haven’t done since my injury last year without a run before hand. I finally feel ready to attack the stadium like stairs, I pass running. It’s suddenly getting darker earlier and the nights drawing in make me feel like I have less of a day. I find it hard to study at home as I get sleepy, so I took my studying to the beach. There, there are more pigeon and seagull prints than humans as the temperature’s dropped (complete contrast to last week), which make it easier to study as it’s too chilly to sleep. I’ve reset photo stream for the umpteenth time this week. I’ve had to remind myself that I’ve got it easy compared to so many and my time management needs a review. IMG_6938

Some of today was taken up with animal videos. I could have used my time more productively, but we’ve all been down the YouTube warren den. So I’ll leave you with KLM’s Lost and Found sniffer dog and Spider Dog. You can thank me 10 videos later. Now, can you train cats to sniff out lost items?

Does your imagination go into overdrive when tired? What’s your YouTube weakness? Music videos are another of mine!


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