Friday Faves

It’s time to swap around my jumpers and shorts. Now that the light’s shifting, it’s only warm enough around midday for shorts, even with the sun out. Plus I’m getting fed using steps to reach my jumpers and I still can’t reach all of them!IMG_7013Even the light outside it getting colder, with darker cooler blues.

I’m more or less used to wearing jeans again. After four months living in them, it’s weird to feel covered up. I find dressing for cooler seasons much more difficult than summer months. Even when what I wear most of the time is covered up by a coat and no one can see! There’s no denying, my love of summer.

Anyhoo, thing’s that have been making me smile this week a day late:

Alterna Bamboo Silk Sleek Brillance CreamIMG_5528

I found this up in Sephora a few weeks ago to help out tame my hair. While styling is work in progress, this has been making it shine and look healthy. Cruelty free and free from parabens, phthalates, gluten, synthetic colours and mineral oil. My hair loves it and so do I.

Local Honey IMG_0122

We picked this local honey up from La Merce Fair in Barceloneta this week, all 2kg of it. Honey is one of the few animal by products I consume or use knowingly. In fact being completely 100% vegan is hard as shown here. You would not believe what some by product uses are or which part of the animal it’s from.

History of the Bikini

Trust the French to do what they do best! I’m glad I live in an age where the bikini is perfectly acceptable. Considering how liberal the Spanish are at the beaches, it’s a surprise that the bikini was once banned here.

Topshop Ribbed Grunge Jumper23K10GGYM_small

I have to accept it’s jumper weather and when it’s gets colder I’ll be huddling up in this one, skinny jeans and a scarf.

Friday’s Run

IMG_1081These steps have been calling me for a while and yesterday I answered them. A year ago these would have seem impossible thanks to my achilles injury. It’s been behaving for a while and thought it’s now or never, just run up them! I did three times after my run and Rocky danced (mentally!) at the top! Never give up!

Sunset at the fairIMG_6902

There’s no denying, autumn/fall and winter produce some beautiful sunset and sunrise colours. I guess that’s one advantage of wrapping up against the cold!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!






  1. says:

    Love your Friday favourites! You have your own “Spanish Steps.” Way to go!

    1. says:

      I have, haven’t I! I hadn’t thought of them in that way, thank you! I’ll be referring to them as ‘The Spanish Steps’ from now on. Loved the movie too. Actually I love any movie with Audrey Hepburn in. Have a great weekend!

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