8 Motivational Workout Tips when Feeling You Can’t be……

I’m sure you’ve heard or read many of the tips and tricks below for when your workout mojo’s slacking. They’re pretty much standard tips, but they work for me. So without further ado, my tried and tested workout tips for when I’m just not feeling it and need a push to get up and moving. IMG_1279

Knowing the thought of that feel good feeling afterwards

Even if it’s not the greatest workout ever, just getting moving, getting blood moving and those endorphins going makes you feel 10 times better than before.

Commit to 10 minutes

Sometimes the above doesn’t work, especially when it comes to running, I tell myself just see how you feel 10 minutes in. Usually after 10 minutes I’m feeling the run.

Lace up

Sometimes even when I’m changed into workout clothes, I still don’t have the motivation. When I lace up my trainers, it’s like, okay, game on!

Workout apparel that makes you feel the part and comfy in

Kinda like a suit of armour. You being to feel it though the clothes. Avoid pieces you figet with, tug, ride up, constantly thinking these aren’t the most flattering pair of legging.

Get changed

Sometimes all it takes changing into my gym or running clothes is enough to say, okay workout time.

Social Media

Some aspects of social media fill us with, whoa, I can’t do that, should I be doing that, show off, makes you feel like crap, however there’s no denying it’s a great motivational source of getting up to workout. Well, they are, so so should I. And you always feel 10 times better afterwards. It’s also a great source of new workout ideas to try.


Some music was made to make you run, jump, lift, kick, skip, you get it. Music is huge motivator when it comes to training. Just make sure to switch up the playlist every now and then. Always listening to the same too much, can make you plateau. Some days I like go sans music, but I always have music at hand.

Varied Workouts

Just like listening to the same music can get boring and make you plateau, so can the same workouts, same run route on repeat. Switch up workouts often, try new exercises, new moves, change the number of sets, reps, interval times, new running routes, try a different time of day, push yourself, try different things. It keeps your muscles, mind and body guessing. Sure I have some favourite exercises and moves I always return to, but from keeping things varied and trying new and different exercises, the favourite list’s always growing!

Do you use any of these tips? What’s your number one workout tip when you’re not feeling  it?


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    Love these tips! They are a sure fire way to get your exercise mojo back.

    1. says:

      🙂 They work for me 🙂 Happy you like them!

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