Weekend Friday Favourites

I can’t believe in a week’s time Spartan Beast will be over! I’m more or less prepared. Last year I didn’t know what to expect. This year I do which is a good thing and equally not so a good thing.sportograf-72211332_lowres

Will I fluke again the balance walks over a mud pit? Will I still be able to fully submerge in a mud pond to get under that log again? That took 3 attempts! Will I have enough energy and strength for the extra distance and obstacles?! Have I enough energy bars and gels? More importantly is there enough space in my hydration pack for all the gels and bars! I still haven’t practiced 30 forfeit burpees with my pack on! Full with water and gels it’s about 2-3kg. I can take it off for them right? And the those cold, cold, f’ing freezing showers afterwards!

Anyways, that’s week away and in the meantime Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Forever21 Pug Angel Makeup BagOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For some reason nearly all my makeup at the moment is in black packaging. With my previous makeup bag lining being black, in a rush it was hard to pick things out. I saw a cat face one very similar in Urban Outfitters however the price was way to much for what it was. Earlier in Forever21 this week I spied this bag and knew it would be prefect. I can find the items I want without taking out everything! Plus the pugs are way too cute!


I managed to sneak away twice this week for a short sun siesta. The sun sets so early now (I’m not looking forward to that in less than a month the clocks go back) I miss my sun siestas. The easterly wind when I went Wednesday always brings a warmer wind and bigger waves. Frothy bubbly waves.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Flower Fridays Runimg_3397

Nature always surprises me where things will grown. I spied this tiny flower warming up for my run Friday. Growing in-between the water/rain gutter channel drains and the pavement.


They’ve been huuungry when I dropped by for my sun siestas. When I cycle back, they’ve normally left the beach to find somewhere to roost. I’m not sure if bread is the most appropriate food for them, however they eat it up fast!

Sprint Drills

The past 2 weeks, I’ve incorporated sprint drills into the my circuits. I’m not sure how long the ‘cage’/funcational workout area is, maybe 10 metres, however that’s plenty! I sprint 1/2 way touch down, sprint back to start touch down, sprint all the way to the end, touch down, sprint 1/2 way touch down, sprint back to ‘end’ touch down, sprint to start touch down and repeat for 30 seconds. I’d love to go for longer, however I’m usually competing with time as the functional/Crossfit style class is setting up and people walking around. I need a moment to recover (30 seconds is probably sufficient!) and love incorporating them into my workouts. In a warped sense, they’re fun! If I was to run 100 metres however I’d be the slow coach!


Fabletics Optical  Floral  Capriscs1510254-2218-1_130x195

I love Fabletics especially their Salar capris and leggings. They fit so comfy, wick* away sweat and most** I hardly have to adjust working out. They only downside is the prints they keep coming out with! I’ve recently after years in part thanks to them broken out of black workout leggings for fun prints. I love this optical floral print and I swear they give me a bit of workout sass every time I wear them! There’s something about white or white in leggings I love.

*I have a purple pair which aren’t for HITT or sweaty workouts. Just saying. Insert embarrassed face emoji.

** Some prints can fail the squat test as I found on the 3rd wear! I’ve noticed it’s the mostly black background prints which do this. They’ll be running leggings this winter or at home workout leggings. I’ve also noticed, they don’t stock those prints anymore. Either they sold out or others had the same issues and they withdrew them.

Gelaaati! Di Marco GelateriaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few weekends ago, we cycled to Gelaaati! Di Marco ice cream parlour in the Ciutat Vella. P had heard that it sold vegan ice cream aka sorbet and was eager to check it out and we weren’t disappointed. It’s a colourful 1950’s Italian place and they make all their own ice cream and sorbets on the premises.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I went for peach, lemon and strawberry and hmmmm, deliiiicious! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Zara Home Teddiesimg_2779

I loved how whoever had arranged these arranged them! Plus their happy smile faces that don’t make you feel sad walking away leaving them there (I know, crazy lady!).img_2784

Internet Finds

Conan hits the gym with Kevin Hart

5 species of Hawaiian bees placed on endangered list.

Meet the nuclear cattle of Fukushima. I had a few tears watching this (2nd video down).

Famous Frog Toughie dies, sending species into extinction.

Tone It Up’s 31 Day Challenge. I’m participating in this the best I can, a 31 day health and fitness challenge through out the whole of October. As always I concentrate more on the nutrition side of it and can’t wait to try out their pumpkin muffin recipe! Everything apart from the initial price of the nutrition plan is free and they usually have great workouts I take ideas from.

Real Techniques Priyanka Chopra makeup tutorial. Minus the red lip for me, I love this look! So easy and simple!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Fabletics capris image from fabletics.co.uk

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