March April Photos

Happy April! 

I feel like everything at the moment is buy and must haves. Everywhere I look is buy and must haves. I’m thankful in an odd way for my climbing classes. They cost extra a month, but compared to what I no longer buy or tempted to buy as I’m in class saves a lot.

I used to grocery shop after the gym at my local mall which meant popping into the shops. Now I only have enough time after class and post class practice for a quick supermarket sweep. 10 minutes is sometimes all I get to look around the mall before racing to the supermarket before closing. It’s good tactic more so when sometimes I only get there with 10 minutes until closing. City Center shopping can be more tempting but again I’m against the clock before various grocery shops shut. Here in Spain it’s not a one shop stop grocery shop. It’s an at least 5 different grocery shops in one week. That’s not to say I don’t look in clothes shops. I’m just a little wiser about fast fashion and if I’d wear it more than a few times. Anyway, something different today, photos from the past few weeks because sometimes even here I feel it’s a review or a find. 

Sunrise half moon March’s waxing worm moonI’ve always been intrigued by the Metronom in El Borne. I’ve only ever seen it in use for a Nike workout a few years ago as I cycled past. After a little research it’s one fancy former warehouse now used for exhibitions. The magazine shop in El Borne is no more. For years I got my magazines from there then one day in February shutters were down. A few weeks later a tourist crap shop in its place. I’m hoping nothing bad happened to the owners and they’ve retired but it was so sudden with no we’re closing. Maybe online magazines pushed them out, maybe rent. I’m guilty of online magazine with Nat Geo, however Instyle US I always purchased from them. I’ll miss saying hi to their golden retriever. I sometimes wonder if these guys are escaping the house, life, just sitting being happy not to catch anything contemplating and watching the world go by than actually fishing. They’re often out on my runs.Waves crashing runningStaying out until last lightCherry blossom season’s begun!Trees are starting getting dressed for summer!DSCF4262Lost giraffeRecently repainted walls due to graffiti. Sea sparkles and late winter reverse sunsetAnd of course some zoo photos!DSCF3479How I feel about zoosDSCF3501DSCF3515DSCF4648 (1)Spring chicks! I didn’t realise how lightening fast duck chicks are. So much cuteness!

Have a great April!

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