The Feeling Of Being Some Place New

August not only is the hottest month in Spain, it’s also the unofficial national holiday month. Government offices, a few local businesses will close for the afternoons. Some take the whole month off using up all their annual holiday and aside from tourists spots places slow down taking it easy as temps go up. 

I’ve accepted with both cats on medicine numerous times of day, holidays are only if cats can come. In the past, I’ve had friends or colleagues look after them while I’ve been away. I’ve always paid them, money or with holiday destination presents. Cats on medicine it’s a bit more tricky especially AJ. He’s currently on seizure medicine every 8 hours. That’s to much to ask a friend and I don’t want to take them to a pet sitter or have a pet sitter. So to stop me going shit crazy from groundhog days I making myself explore parts of the city I don’t usually go to.

I admit, my routine isn’t the most structured, but I do do things on the same days of the week every week; gym days, run days, clean this, clean that etc. Structure helps though many will laugh at me for saying I’m like change. I do. I like change. At my own speed perhaps, but I like change. I need routine for structure and as long as all the boring have to do chores are done I’m happy for changes. I don’t like household chores, but equally I don’t like them building up so I get them done first which can make me seem like I don’t like change. They won’t get done if I don’t do them.

Change is good for us. It keeps us mentally active, helps us move forward, brings joy and satisfaction, leaves you feeling refreshed, can spark action, ideas, creativity. Sticking to the same old is great, it provides security but it can leave you feeling stagnant, no energy, moody, angry, bitter. Energy can’t flow when it’s stuck.

Last week I took a detour running down one of the beach divider/sea protection thingy I’ve passed a thousand times but never been down it. The feeling I got of being someplace different without sound too cliche was what I needed. A little mental relief/break from routine that perked up my day along with seeing a cormorant drying off in the sun. It also maybe on reflection made me realise change only happens if you let it. You have to be open to change if you want change. You have to be the change. Like how the more we workout our muscles remember pathways coming more efficient, the better we become at routine, the more autopilot it becomes, the less we explore, try new things. Having a break from routine helps shake all this up, creating new pathways.

Tiny cormorant drying off on the rocks

That’s why I’m making myself when I can/have time experience that feeling of exploring someplace new this month as no holidays for me unless cats can come. I’ve been taking routes I don’t usually take cycling. Which is great as I discover new short cuts. I’ve been, when I can shopping taking the other way around route in shops. I forget sometimes and when pushed for time, it’s trusty same old route. I’m trying to get to my gym earlier, see different faces, I’m studying a photography book to break away from the usual camera settings and started studying a new fitness course. Changes to stop me feeling like piece of over chewed chewing gum that’s making your teeth feel agitated or going loopy from the same old.

How you do make changes to the same old?

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