Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! Mine’s been quiet which is want I wanted. Sometimes after a week of rushing around I just want to hang out with the cats, train at home, run outside and get out in the afternoons to my sanctuary the zoo. AKA a normal weekend!

Anyways, after another little haitus, Weekend Friday Favourites is back! Things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. 

My First Guest Post

When Charlotte from Journey of a Tigress earlier this year asked if I’d like to be a guest writer on her blog, Journey to Tigress I didn’t think twice and jumped at the chance. She wanted me to write a beginners guide to running OCR’s or obstacle races. So if you’re curious or interested in training for OCR’s, what to expect on race day and how just much mud is involved, pop on over to Journey to Tigress, So You Want To Run a Spartan to find out more! Thank you Charlotte, it was a pleasure writing for you!

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Netflix

I really enjoyed this off beat quirky comedy detective series on Netflix. Everything is connected! I liked season 2 more and I finished both seasons in about 2 weeks. I also liked that the girls saved the day. Farah’s my new hero! I’m hoping it gets renewed for a 3rd season (sadly no) as they left it with some questions still to be answered and set it up for new adventures. I like that movie stars are now popping on the smaller screen. They know that’s were most peoples attention is now.

Chriselle x J.O.A

One of my favourite bloggers and Youtubers, Chriselle Lim has launched her first clothing collection in collaboration with J.O.A sold exclusively in select Nordstorms and Nordstrom online. Inspired by Rome she’s put a lot of attention and detail into her collection. Pieces are multi functional with a modern classic twist. I may have been naughty and ordered an item. I’m hoping it’s not too cropped! I have my eye on a blazer and a pair trousers too. I’ve been following her for about 8 years and she’s one of my biggest fashion and beauty go to bloggers.

Early Spring Light

A week to go until Daylight Saving starts! I’m loving that it gets dark around 19.10 and loving even more the lighter mornings. The only thing I don’t like about Daylight Savings is the return of darker mornings for a few weeks. 

Beach Run Views

Kettlebell Figure Of 8’s

From Stef’s Cardio Kettle Sculpt on Studio Tone It Up. Stand with feet slight wider than shoulder width apart or wider in a half squat holding kettlebell at heart centre or in front of your chest on each side of the handle. Then make an horizontal figure of 8 with the kettle bell in front of you from hips to shoulders. If you really want to work the obliques, core, back, arms and shoulders take the figure of 8 wide twisting at the obliques more (almost in a kayak rowing motion). This one’s a tough fun one if you take it wide and have a challenging weight. No image link or video know how as all Google came up with are figures of 8’s in and out of legs.

Brandy and Meville Changing Room Lights

Can they be my lighting I take everywhere with me? Scars and wrinkles minimised so you get a rare selfie! Okay, I’m aware I’m more the age of target clients Mum’s age, but hey, the clothes fit! I’m also aware of mutton dressed as lamb so do my best to avoid this shopping. I know my limits with crop tops, striped highwisted trousers and shorts. I also know what suits me most of the time and I see ladies of all ages shopping Zara in both Zara Woman and the younger range TRF. I’m pretty sure the teens in Brandy and Meville when I pop in are like why’s an old person shopping in here. That’s sad she’s trying to cling onto her youth. Whatever.

Please excuse my eczema and hair. Eczema’s I think it’s a reaction to chalk at climbing. There’s nothing I can do as I’m enjoying climbing so far and don’t want to give it up. As for my hair it’s get treatment and a trim next week. Yah!

Monkey Boo

I can’t believe I forgot Monkey Boo in my YouTube Players post! Monkey Boo’s perhaps the cutest cheekiest capuchin monkey living with his pet humans in North Carolina, USA and always cheers me up or just amazes how much we’re related to monkeys. Nothing’s forced. If he doesn’t want to do it he won’t. Story goes his main human’s son wanted a monkey, he relented with the cutest monkey who whenever the camera was on him, amped up the charm so they began Monkey Boo YouTube. The rest is history.

Aj and D

Just because  🙂

The mat’s always his. Always. IMG_0126

Cutest sous chef 🙂 

Internet Finds. A hiatus means a little more than usual and once again mostly BBC News. I need a new, news source!

France set to let wolf population grow despite farmers’ fears. BBC News

Endangered Iberian Lynx. No longer a whisker from extinction. El Pais In English

Seychelles protects an area ‘as big as Britain’ in Indian Ocean. BBC News

King penguins face warming challenge. BBC News

Pesticides put bees at risk, European watchdog confirms. BBC News

First Afghan female officer at Sandhurst. BBC News

Largest population of penguins found in Antarctic Peninsula. BBC News

Baby chimp rescued from poachers in Africa. BBC News. Maybe the cutest thing next to Monkey Boo.

World Hacks: A surprising new afterlife for chewing gum. BBC News

Last male northern white rhino Sudan’s health improves slightly. BBC News

Lessons delivered by taxi, truck and boat. BBC News

This 13 year old helps kids around the world learn languages. BBC Capital

Without women the world stops. BBC News for International Woman’s Day. Enough said.

Plastic bottle plan that could save oceans. BBC News

The secret on the ocean floor. BBC News. An interesting read how deep sea mining started. As a cover up for a CIA cold war salvage operation of a Russian submarine. The coverup was mining manganese nodules which people bought into and is now becoming reality. The article explores it’s environmental consequences as manganese is increasing used in electronics and elec cars which are ironically more environmentally friendly. It’s a rob from Peter to pay Paul situation.

2 lions rescued from abandoned zoos in Syria and Iraq head to a sanctuary. Care2

47 dogs rescued from the dog meat trade in South Korea. Care2

Cow who escaped and swan to island won’t be slaughtered. Care2. More cows need to escape if they don’t want end up on somebodies plate and then flushed down the toilet the next day if they’re ‘spared’. And yes I’m aware of the irony having 2 cats that eat chicken and me being vegan. It’s something that plays on my conscience.

Animals with cameras: Capturing the secrets of the wild. BBC News

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please comment below. Have a great week ahead!


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    I would love you to guest write again one day soon.
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