Schedule Some Sleep My Dear

I’m going to have to be made accountable now. The only person who will be let down and disappointed it me. Yes, I’m finally going to tackle my sleep schedule. Concealer and a hint of gold in the inner corner of the eyes can only do their tricks for so long.

While I’m all about healthy eating, living and fitness, I neglect my sleep. I go to bed late, and I mean late. Normally 2am on an early night. Why? Just do. Sometimes it’s the internet, others time the TV or just can’t be bothered. At the moment, I’m not in full time work, so it doesn’t matter on the outside that I get up late. That’s okay when you’re a student. I left those days long ago. I wonder a lot where the day went. I get things done but late. Paul will roll his eyes and go ‘yeah right’ you will. Time to play catch the monkey. My current sleeping pattern isn’t helping other areas in my life. It’s out there now. Time to shake that monkey.

I had a great bike ride yesterday. I waited until Paul to got home so I could bike while he ran. It ended up being a night run/bike ride. It always feels like I run fast or cycle faster at night. He ran, I lit the way on the off road. We weren’t the only crazy people out. Others were running off road too! It’s lit enough from the port if you know the path.IMG_2266A great workout this morning, but I’m back at the osteopath tomorrow. Something isn’t tracking right in my ankle and feels off. I learnt my lesson last time, so want to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Rocket lunges, kettle bell push presses and plank to sumo squats were in the mix.IMG_2285These two seem to know exactly when the sun hits the sofa. Good news at the Vet. AJ’s medicine is working and may not have to have an operation. Diesel’s going to try a cat version of Xanax. His energy levels are making his anxiety levels high so he turns to food. Sound familiar? Cats and humans alike. He enjoyed his car ride home out of his box.IMG_2299 IMG_2296A speedy 10km bike ride before the vets. Seriously speedy, off road and road, with wind resistance on the way back. And I wonder why my ankle has issues!IMG_2326 IMG_2333

If your hair needs some love this winter, check out these tips from Michelle Phan. The radiator heat’s been playing havoc with my tresses. Time for a coconut milk mask!

I’ve gotta start shaking this monkey and was given my 30 minute curfew 25 minutes ago. It doesn’t help Paul Spotify-ed Will.I.Am. How am I meant to get into sleep mode when I just want to dance around?! Uh Oh…Paul’s switched the music’s off! Catching the Monkey by reading in bed this evening!

Do you have any sleep schedule tips that actually work and not the get to bed 30 minutes earlier, turn down the lights, have a warm drink ones?


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    That bike ride looks beautiful! I don’t have any sleep tips unfortunately…sleep is one of the easiest things I do all day. I’m a 90 year old woman so as soon as I hit the bed I’m out like a light!

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      Ha ha! I’m like a toddler that refuses to sleep!

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    I feel the same as you, it’s hard to get started with a sleep routine with technology becoming such a distraction. one basic feng shui suggestion: remove most electronics out of bedroom or near the bed. We have fan and alarm and that’s it 🙂 Also, give yourself a reason to look forward to getting up early in the morning. This past sunday night I made pancakes to last a few days and cook sausage each morning to go with pancakes, so yummy. I saw a funny meme once (sorry to ramble) but it said something like “Waits all day to go to sleep. Waits all night to go to bed” We have to surrender to sleep sometimes lol.

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      Having something works when I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time like this morning. I’ll have to be more ruthless with scheduling so I have more time for something I want to do, rather than have to. Cooking breakfast sounds good! You’re right about technology becoming a big distraction. Having magazine on a tablet is a great idea (saves paper), but even with the brightness turned down, the glare can be too much when I need to relax to sleep. The quote is bang on! Hope your sausage pancakes were good this morning!

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