Hooken Cliffs, Dorset, UK

About 2 years ago my parents moved to the other side of the UK (if you’re going to get picky, England) from Suffolk to Somerset. Suffolk’s my home county so last year I went to visit them I had a whole new area to explore. 

While my Mum has hundred of what’s to do locally leaflets I prefer to use Google Maps to find new places. I randomly zoom in and pick a place. This is how I found about Hooken Cliffs. About a 5km walk starting at Beer, Seaten taking you along the Dorset coast. Back in 1790 part of the cliff collapsed allowing you to walk through the cliff. I stupidly took the wrong path and went along the top of the cliff. I didn’t realise my mistake until walking back. It’s okay, the view from the top was amazing. Springy grass which I hardly ever walk on living in a city, cows happily grazing, climbing over footpath gates, looking for fossils in the limestone, watching out for rabbits and perhaps the biggest thing, silence. All the things the country girl misses in a city yet prefers to live in a city. 


Yes there’s a village called Beer! The trial starts to the left of the Anchor Inn looking with the sea behind you. 

Beer beach
Beer and Seaton

Not wanting to worry my Mum waiting for me back in the car, I didn’t have time to take the path through the collapsed cliffs as the sunset further on the way back. She painted on the beach back in Beer while I hiked. When I made it back to the car, it was dark and cold. So cold my lip gloss/balm had frozen solid. Something else a county girl now living a Spanish city isn’t used too, cold cold weather. Cold weather yes, cold cold weather no. 

First glimpse of the cliffs with ‘2 guards’ on duty created from years of wind and rain erosion.

I hoping when I visit my parents later this year I get good weather to take the right turning though the cliffs this time. And for sure I’ll be sharing eventually the hike! 

It was so quiet I could hear the waves gently lapping the beach from up above. I shared videos on my Instagram Highlights UK Nov 21.

The path which I didn’t take but should have, takes you through the green trees.

I took the path above the cliffs. A few walkers were out and all said Hello! I’m so used to saying Hola, I didn’t know which language to reply in. Hello feels so weird to say to others.

Happy cows!

As usual I took way to many photos. In addition I had completely the wrong white balance. I forgot to check my settings before getting excited by the view. Overcast white balance instead of daylight. While the photos look warm it was freezing or freezing for this girl. The temperature back in early November last year in the UK were like January and February in Barcelona, so I was feeling the cold! 

Similar photos as I was in awe of the light.
English Channel
I took the wrong turning!

Don’t let the hill fool you. This was steep, like a workout steep down to Branscombe Beach. I made it 1/4 the way down until I saw steps down. Again not wanting to worry my Mum as the sun was setting I quickly made it down the steps and back. I think these are the return steps from the path through the cliffs and along the beach.

Until next time!
Hiking back

One more of that light and view! Thank you for stopping by!


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