12 Things I Learnt In August

Seeing as it’s nearly October and as I’m always lagging behind and running late it’s only fitting I share with you things I learnt in August. Feel free to share your own things learnt during August in the comments!

Stepping on cat litter with bare feet is like stepping on Lego with bare feet.

Trees, palm trees and tropical plants at the zoo were green again. 

My wrists holding bars, kettlebells, dumbbells are now straight. I’m sure they’ve been like it for a while now but it was only in August I was wow, my wrists are straight! I’m sure this has something to do with grip strength. I’ve been working more on the monkey bars, on muscles ups and grip strength hanging from the bars.

Skirts still don’t and never will suit me. The few dresses I have I tried on, thought maybe I’ll wear one this week and never did. Shorts give so much more freedom of movement.

Not to go on Instagram around that time of the month. No good will come of it. Leave it, check Instagram another time.

My gym had a mirror of truth installed. After years of making do without full length mirrors in the changing rooms, my gym recently installed several. One of them is a mirror of truth. Outfits that look great leaving in this mirror become a WTF! Maybe it’s how it’s installed but it makes me look shorter, some items washed out and lets not start on the make up. But it’s good thing as you can see how to improve, what to work on.

Boots International website ceased trading at the end of August. For a few years I’ve ordered in bulk their suncream as it’s not too expensive, is cruelty free, not too full of nasty ingredients, sits nice on the skin without feeling greasy, or stains white too much. Now I have to find a new body suncream that does what the Boot’s one did. Suggestions welcome!

Not to start studying when it’s hot outside. I had to ask for an deadline extension as I couldn’t concentrate (aka outside was too tempting).

Orangutans shield sunlight just like humans. 

Shape Magazine’s OCR/Obstacle Course Racing training moves are tough, fun and total body workouts. I’ve been incorporating them into my own workouts and can see how they translate to the races. Plus duck walks really target the bum which is always a good thing!

I have the skills of a 3 year when it comes to painting my toenails. Actually a 3 year old could probably do a better job than me. No matter how carefully I apply nail polish, it gets all around the edges even after years of painting my toenails. It’s a good thing I don’t like nail polish on my fingernails!

August this year saw more clouds than previous years, more humidity yet summer will always be my season. I knew that already yet each year I learn it in a different way.

What did you notice or learn in August? Please share in the comments below!

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