Weekend Friday Favourites

Wednesday I woke up with what I thought were allergies, only for by the end of the day transform into a full blown cold. Ever since then the place has been stocked up with every type of vitamin C there is. Apple, ginger and lemon juice shots, P’s coconut milk butternut squash soup (I’m not soup fan, but I do like this one!), peanut butter on toast (okay, not vitamin C but it always makes me feel better when sick), cold fighting foods.img_5024-1

P was back Thursday and as he doesn’t want to catch it, he’s been dosing up on vitamin C. As I want to get rid of it, I’m dosing up on cold fighting vitamin C. In the UK if you’re ill with a cold you rarely get sympathy. It’s just a cold! Get over it! Only for when you come down with one, you feel like crap. Friday I didn’t want to do anything. I still went of run, but anything that required brain power my body was nah. It was only good for shopping! Saturday I felt better, much better but in a spaced out mood with the attention span of a goldfish. I just want to sleep! However that gnawing feeling being unproductive was biting away and the shorter days making you not want to do anything after it gets dark chewed even more. I detest the feeling of being unproductive for more than a day. Several days my mind starts to feel lazy. Madrid photos are on their way, just a few days late!

Anyways I’ll leave ya with Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or have caught my eye this week.

Tuesday’s 2nd Circuitimg_4933

I’ve recently changed the format of my circuits so in theory I spend less time at the gym. I’ve split up my circuits and try to play less afterwards with new ideas. My 2nd circuit Tuesday incorporating the play elements was fuuun!. Targeting the shoulders, back and quads I could have gone for more rounds!

3 x:

AMRP TRX Pull Ups (I went for 8 reps with knees bent)

Ugi ball wall throw squats x 10

5 x squat jumps forward, 5 mountain climbers (left and right counts as 1 rep) followed by 5 x squat jumps backwards, 5 mountains climbers (all 1 set). Repeat for 30 seconds. I managed 2 sets of each.

Wednesday’s Yoga View

Big smiley face.img_4950img_4962

Wednesday’s Run Viewimg_4969

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmasimg_4985

The council’s getting ready early this year. One thing I love about Christmas lights is how they brighten up the short winter days.

I Made The Zoo!

While most residents were tucked up in their night quarters, a few were still out.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Halloween Reverse SunsetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So nice I’ve posted it twice!


Internet Finds

Tone It Up’s 5 tips to get your booty out of bed. Minus tip #1 on the account coffee breaks me out in cystic acne, I need all this advice. #2, get to bed earlier by breaking the vicious circle. Being in country where shops are open to 10pm doesn’t help but it does help cater for those who can’t grocery shop earlier in the day. Spain makes me laugh. It’s the country of late nights, yet equally a country of earlier risers. How do they do it? What’s their secret?!

The Indian woman who answer cat calls 

Untangling were your hair extensions really come from. The standard hair or comb hair got me thinking. Maybe if I start saving my hair after brushing now, when and if that unmentionable colour kicks in and if I can’t find an amazing hair colour stylist for my original hair colour……

What’s been making you smile this past week? Have a great week!





  1. says:

    I also had a cold last week, it sucks!
    Recently I read that vitamin C does not really do anything for colds? But, anyway, fruits are tasty, haha.

    1. says:

      It does!
      I think it’s more the vitamin boosts the immune system which helps you fight off the cold more easily. And lots of ginger!

      1. says:

        Oh, do you know the “boil ginger in coca cola” remedy for the cough? Supposed to be very effective xD

      2. says:

        I’ve never heard of that! Is it a Chinese remedy? Surely you’d just be left with sugared ginger tea.

      3. says:

        Yes, it’s Chinese. I have never tried it but I think the resulting “liquid” would be similar to a very popular cough syrup from Hong Kong (which feels like swallowing honey, haha).

      4. says:

        I bet the dentists love it!

  2. says:

    Get better soon!

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