Winter Colours

Thank you for all your kind comments on the Spartan Run Super! My clothes are now mud free enough for the washing machine and the trainers are in their 4th overnight soak. I can’t believe how stubborn the mud is!

Autumn Fall sunset from W HotelSunset from W Hotel

Autumn has finally arrived here! Usually after the 2nd weekend October the temps start to dip. Chilly for me is 17C! This morning was a brr 11C! I haven’t felt that much chill since February! Browsing the clothes racks this week when I should have been grocery shopping, I realised why I don’t like colder months. Not just because it’s cold, rains more and gets dark early, it’s the colours. I wear black (I’ll virtually live in black leggings now until next Spring), however too much black, grey, red, khaki, brown and other dark tones affects my mood. The past few winters inspired by Chriselle Lim and Katrina from Tone It Up, I’ve made an effort to buy cream, white, lighter colour tops (no grey, not even light grey) in winter weights and textures to fight winter blues. I’m convinced black and dark colours also make me look older as well as how I feel. Plus on overcast and rain days when you don’t see the sun for 3 days at a time, lighter colours help deal with not seeing the sun for 3 days. It’s amazing how much it colour affects us. The only black I wear at the gym are leggings and a sports bra. My tops have to have colour! Pinks, blues and oranges for motivational, worker harder vibes!

I’m a lot happier not embracing the dark colours and happy that this year, there’s more choice in coat colour other than black, dark grey, brown and camel (though I love lighter colours, can they come with a stain guard on them?). There’s navy! Yay cry strawberry blondes and redheads!

A few colours I avoid wearing are dark yellows, all shades of green and brown. However brown or rather taupe might be a colour I’ll sport a few times next year. I really want to go for the Spartan Race Trifecta. All three distances. The only problem is they have to be taken in the same year to qualify (It’ll be a expensive year!)! Whether I run them or not, I’ll still be training towards them as I have been. I was okay on some walls, but with most of them needed help, so I’ll definitely be focusing and working on pull ups, muscles ups and wall climbs. One of the Beast obstacles was walking/running up a hill with heavy chains. That’s the weekly shop cycling back! Monkey bars, I’ll still continue them on longer runs. Running; work at pace, obviously endurance and working on the hydration and fuel! I also would like to expand more with yoga this time. Perhaps most importantly however is to remember for next time is place the headband over the tops of my ears otherwise they’re sticky out!

Not my best look or colour choice!Not my best look sportograf-72219026_lowres

Correction: I said in Sparten Super, that the Beast winner ran it in 1h16m, he actually ran it it 2h16m.

How does colour affect you? What are you training goals for the up and coming season?