Weekend Groundhog and Villa Olimpica 10km

It’s only Monday and I’m already looking forward Friday. This week’s extra busy than normal. I ain’t complaining, I’m happy to be busy, but Friday evening can’t come quick enough. I’m knackered already!

No Friday Favourites last week. The list wasn’t that exciting any way. A pink watering can and live lettuces. Exciting favourites. Friday was full of errands, picking up a race t-shirt, that I had just enough energy for a Netflix marathon when I finally stopped. A new Korean TV show and got completely sucked in. Sly and Single Again/Cunning Single Lady. But Netflix why ask if I’m still watching? Either I’m hooked on what I’m watching or I’ve fallen asleep so can’t answer your question.

Don Quixote, found cycling along the Rio Besos embankment, next to a windmill restaurant under a bridge. Don Quixote

Do I watch any English speaking shows? Yes! I’m half way through series 3 of New Girl. My tummy and cheeks hurt so much watching it thanks to Schmidt. Only he can get away with what he gets away with, when all he wants is someone holding his hand saying everything is okay

I hope you had a great weekend! Saturday was filled with planning classes, roof top workout and of course the beach. I can’t believe in 2 months it’s the end of summer. It feels like it’s just begun!  It’s so hot at the moment, I dream of the roof being retractable. How the apartment designed it’s hard to get a through draft with the windows and balcony doors. There is air con, but it’s so expensive to run, I don’t use it. Plus it’s better for the polar bears and low lying tropical islands I don’t. They’re the ones which suffer most from global warming. I found this interesting CNN article on low lying islands, highlights a lesser documented extent of global warming, which is definitely worth a read.

Late siestaLate siestaLate SiestaSunday up early bright and early for the Villa Olimpic 10km run. A few months ago I decided to sign up for 3, 10km runs all within 2 weeks of each other. I think I got caught up reading others run races, along with carried away signing up. As my work week is getting busier, I like to weekends to be quieter (and groundhog. Apologies if my weekends sound the same, I’m not that exciting. Now beach season’s here, that’s where you’ll find me).Villa Olimpica 10km

This race, I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to run. I wanted a rest, but with the current heat, runs have to be ran so early, there is no rest. However I’d paid €16.50 so I was running it. I’m glad I did, just to have my run finished by 9.35am! It was a tough run, 8.40am start and hot. A few people collapsed running and it definitely wasn’t a PB type of run. I got the impression it was a smaller more serious runner run. Lots of running clubs. I didn’t like the atmosphere much. A lot of pushing and shoving to get post drinks and jacked up ‘I ran man!’. The cloak room closed an hour before the race start which made no sense to me and the only toilets were the local bars and cafes. I normally run with keys stuffed in my bra (I have an old gym padlock safety pin type lock I clip around a strap and arrange keys just so), but I’m not used to running with extra bike keys! I did enjoy cycling light. No rucksack meant being able to enjoy the breeze.

Playa Bogatell cycling back. Almost no horizonPlaya Bogatell, July

No Sunday it seems now is complete without prepping oat banana protein cookies and Tone It Up breakfast bars for the week, planning my workouts, the beach and of course a trip to the zoo. The new orang-utan enclosure is nearly ready. It’s by far the largest enclosure at present. I was quite surprised how large it is. Indoor and outdoor play areas. They’re also working on a new enclosures for the giraffes, elephant and I believe lions that are near completion. I’m hoping they plan next new enclosures for the other large cats and bears. I always feel for them, that they want to run around and spend more time in the cool water on hot days like this guy!Oso/Bear, Barcelona ZooOso/Bear Barcelona Zoo

What’s your current TV obsession? Do you ever feel days are like groundhog days? That you could set a watch by your routine?! What bugs you about races? The people, the organisation?


  1. says:

    That Korean TV show sounds intriguing. I don’t know how people can such distances in the humidity. Enjoy your lovely beach days while you can.

    1. says:

      Oh. I’m enjoying my beach days while I can! The Korean TV show is fun. Different to English tv which I think makes it more appealing. It’s a little crazy, continuity’s off sometimes, but it takes me away from reality, which is what TV’s meant to do right?!

      As for running in hot weather. You get used to running in the humidity or high temps after a while. The initial week of heat’s tough, but you’ll be surprised how quickly your body acclimatises! xoxo

  2. says:

    I love Schmidt, too. 🙂 Sorry about the race… sometimes we get so excited for racing season that we can over-commit, and that can take the fun out of it! PS – I’m loving the Beach Waves product. 🙂

    1. says:

      The only way to learn – the hard way! I know for next time!

      The beach waves products is great! I’m happy you’re loving it 😉

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