Beauty Finds: Translucent Loose Powder, Charlotte Tilbury, Nude by Nature, Lily Lola & Honest Beauty

Summer’s here and so is keeping oil slicks at bay. The last 2 summer’s I’ve been trying to finds a translucent talc free, due to talc being possibly carcinogenic, silicone free loose powder to keep the shine at bay. I don’t use primer as I don’t want another product wanting to clog my skin and I want a little shine as I don’t like the all matte look. 

In the winter I skip powder however however when the heat and humidity arrives, forget dewy skin. This girl has a full on oily slick look. I have learnt to work with my oil skin not fight it. Finding the right moisturiser helps as does BB cream or tinted foundation. For the days when I know full oil slick’s inevitable I like a little loose powder on my T zone. Loose cruelty free, petroleum (aka plastic) ingredient powders for some reason are more expensive than pressed power and harder to find. Or maybe I looked in the wrong place. Out of the four I tried, only one is now in use and even then I’m thinking shine is down to the products underneath and keeping hydrated. Excessive shiny oily skin is often down to being dehydrated. I should also point out I don’t bake. Too many lines and I only do BB cream or lightweight foundation.

With all my cosmetics I like cruelty free, vegan if possible, clean ingredients, natural ingredients. No nasty toxic ingredients like petroleum and it’s alias (3rd or 4th generation I sometime use depending on, parabens, SLS’s, phthalates,  etc. I try to avoid palm oil as I prefer orangutans having forests. With skincare it’s easier, with make up it’s harder. My skin type is oily, sensitive, acne and yes, now anti ageing as those lines…

Charlotte Tilbury Charlottes Genius Magic Powder Under Eye and Face 1 Fair

Soft focusing light defusing loose powder

A genius, light diffusing loose powder that blurs, visibly reduces dark shadows and boosts radiance. Use all over face, matching skin tone for an enhanced complexion or a lighter shade for under eyes for a brightening effect.

I wanted to try something by Charlotte Tilbury. She’d launched a little earlier in Sephora Spain and I’d been hearing so much on YouTube by beauty YouTuber’s I no longer watch about her line. I wanted a translucent powder but I also wanted to try one of her products. I’d checked out reviews before and should have left it on the shelf. The sales assistant said even though it’s not translucent as the range then didn’t have one (maybe they do now) being ‘fair’, it’s the right shade for me. You know I ignored that little voice that said no.

One review said it smells like crayons. It does. Bad. Under the shop lights Fair was okay. One reason I don’t always like asking assistants for advice is they just see my skin tone which is cool, so they place me in the ghost pink undertone range. Yes, I have the blue veins which means my undertone is cool. HOWEVER, my eyes are hazel and my hair strawberry blonde (natural) being much warmer. I’m not shade pink 00 but I’m not warmer peach tone. My skin is lighter and neutral due to the contrast in my undertone, eye and hair colour. For some reason my eye and hair colour doesn’t register with them and the recommend porcelain hues. I go for neutral tone BB creams tinted foundations which finally companies are making. This powder in natural light is cool pink because you know fair skin tones can only be cool and made me look way to pale and ghostly. Boo.

It’s great a keeping shine at bay, a little to much for me as my skin felt like all moisture had been sucked out it felt dry and made me look grey. It got everywhere opening it and the smell. It’s masking something else and sadly this was a waste of money. Would I repurchase and recommend? No! Save your pennies!

Nude by Nature Translucent Loose Finishing Powder

The velvety Translucent Loose Finishing Powder sets evenly over the skin, naturally extending makeup wear. Its unique feather-light formula helps control oil and shine, while disguising fine lines and wrinkles with its light-reflecting mirror particles. The powder is composed of active natural ingredients including the native Australian Kadadu Plum, known for its abundant Vitamin C content and Kaolin Clay for a flawless complexion.

I think I purchased this back seeing my parents in the UK, I found the brand in I think Debenhams and started using their BB cream. I liked Nude by Nature’s ethic and the lesser ingredient list.

It keeps the shine at bay allowing for a little shine for aliveness. It’s not 100% translucent due to it’s pinky hue which somedays made me again look grey. I stopped using it as I didn’t like how it felt on my skin making it feel a little dry. I also wanted to move away from mica (see below).

Would I recommend? Save your pennies.

Lily Lola Flawless Matte Finishing Powder

Wanting more natural ingredient powder I found this on in Kriim. This one is as basic as you can get. Kaolin and Mica. 

Kaolin is clay so it will absorb any moisture in powder form. Mica provides a little sparkle. Mica is controversial with child labour. Since watching Refinery 29’s documentary on it, I’m trying to avoid it. Also you’re removing shine only to add some shine back with sparkle. Why not just work with the shine a little rather that cover it to add some later?

If you like 100% matte even with the lightest dusting, this one is for you. It lasts all day thanks to the kaolin, but I like a little shine and didn’t feel like me. It didn’t feel like it was clogging, it did it’s job, I didn’t mind it near any lines, but I just didn’t like it due to that even the littlest dusting it’s 100% matte. It’s weird to explain how it felt on. Almost like my skin had a film that was sweating underneath.

The pot’s easy to use as you can control the amount of powder you want half sieve like opening. I found I opened up the slide tab, replaced the lid, shook it then carefully opened so it wouldn’t go everywhere. 

Would I recommend it? Only if you love 100% matte look.

Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Loose Powder Translucent 

I found my powder that’s not super expensive with minimal ingredients! The main ingredient: Zea mays starch aka cornstarch! 

Okay it might be that I have a girl crush on Jessica Alba. I’ve been a fan since Dark Angel. This powder works. It covers and you can layer it. Want full on matte, this works. Want just a little shine taken off? Apply a light dusting that stays all day with a little shine. While it appears yellow, this doesn’t affect skin tone when applied or cake up.

I have to be careful with application by tapping the brush before applying otherwise a matte nose looks out if place with a shiner face. I like the pot’s opening system of a 2nd concave lid that opens up to the main compartment that features a little mesh cover to assess the powder. Tap your brush in the powder, close the concave lid and then tap the brush to remove any access into the concave lid. This allows any excess powder to be used again rather than tapped into the air. Be careful however if wearing black removing any fallen powder as brushing it off can lead to a mark that only comes off with water. If you’re pushed for time it’s another thing to sort out.

I’m hoping due the ingredients it lasts longer than the use with 12 months of opening symbol. I only use powders in the summer to avoid looking like an oil slick. 

Would I recommend? Yes.

Have you tried any of these powders? Are you matte or a little shine? I’m no way a full face of contour, bronzer and blush. I wouldn’t know where to start. I like even skin tone and little shine to look alive. I’ve learnt to work with my oil skin but somedays, when the oiliness is out of hand a little powder helps gives a little confidence boost.

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