Black Cat Day

Today’s* Black Cat Day and I can’t let this day pass without sharing some of my favourite Diesel photos this year. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Black Cat Day was set up by a UK charity, Cats Protection to raise awareness of the plight black cats have in shelters. Thanks mostly to no other reason than the colour of their fur, they’re more than often overlooked for adoption. Black dogs have it just as bad for the same reason. From talking with other black cat human guardians and other black cats I’ve met, black cats seem to be born crazy. Inquisitive, full of energy, intelligent, cheeky, there’s never ever dull moment with a black fur ball around. I always say Diesel is the happiest go lucky being I know. He shakes things off, likes to be my shadow, gets his brother AJ to play, talks to me, talks back to me, lets me know when it’s dinner time way before dinner time, loves sunbathing, blankets, hunting flies, mosquitoes and silverfish and getting himself into all kinds of mischief. His many quirks, burst of energy tearing around, places he loves to sleep in, how every cardboard box is his, the way he snuggles up, make me laugh and smile everyday. I can’t believe people overlook his bothers and sisters just because of the colour of the their fur. They have no idea what adventures they’re missing out on! You only have to read these 14 reasons to adopted a black cat as to why.

From the streets to….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bruvs for life. While AJ tolerates Diesel and lately maybe in his old age snuggling up to Diesel as in being a little closer, they’ve never drawn blood. They play fight, chase each other, wrestle on the bed, sofa and floor, they’ve always kept it clean. Tactics and ambushing (Diesel) maybe not, but never blood. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

CATNIP!!!img_8187-1img_8589img_8941OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


*Black Cat Day is on 27th October each year. While editing I fell asleep curled up to Diesel, hence why this is being posted on the 28th.



  1. says:

    He’s beautiful, Natalie. Here in the US black cats are supposed to be bad luck. I never heard that about black dogs. It’s a bunch of superstitious nonsense anyway.

  2. says:

    Very interesting. I had read that block dogs have adoption troubles, but I didn’t know about cats. We love our shelter dog and are so glad we went with the shelter option! Your cat is adorable!

    1. says:

      I think all black pets for adoption have it bad. Some shelters during October reduce adoption fees for black cats and dogs. My parents always adopted and opted for black dogs. I think they were drawn to them!

      Diesel’s a shelter cat and AJ was given away for free from a colleague I used to work with. I used to volunteer at an animals shelter and it’s not just black cats and dogs that get overlooked. In a city smaller dogs are more favourable than larger dogs and sadly the shelter was overrun with big dogs, that had done nothing wrong than be big or middle sized. There were also a lot of senior dogs surrendered. Maybe it was because they got old and less active, maybe it was because the owner died and the family didn’t want to care for it. Thankfully in Catalunya all shelters are no kill and many regions in Spain send those about to be PTS to Catalunya. Also here, greyhounds and galgos a hunting dog have it really bad in Spain. When they’re of ‘no use’ they are usually hung from trees. Thankfully there are organisations campaigning against this, but it’s always up against changing years of ‘culture’ and attitude. Some people refuse to give it up.

      Yes, shelter option is the best way. Adopt don’t shop 🙂

  3. Janet Forster says:

    Hi Nat

    What a lovely picture of Diesel, I wish I could just sleep like that all day!!!

    Lots of love Jan xxxx

    Sent from my iPad

    1. says:

      I know! Me too! I’ve put the duvet back in the duvet cover now it’s getting chilly at night and if he sleeps snuggled cocooned in-between my legs, it’s very had to get up!

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