Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Depth. As usual how you interpret it is up to you. From the literal meaning to depth of meaning, depth of field, depth of aperture.

Literally, is has to be the Gorge Verdon. France’s answer to the Grand Canyon, taken on a motorbike day trip following part of the Route Napoleon. Steep ravines to start, aqua blue water all the way. Just don’t do what I did with the second photo, not realise one false move and I’m saying hello to that water!Gorge VerdonGorge Verdon

Depth of colour, sunset December last year. Everything and everyone turned red! December 2014 Sunset Barceloneta

Depth of aperture, a cheeky meerkat and an elegant giraffe at Barcelona Zoo!Meerkat Barcelona ZooGiraffe Barcelona zoo



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    Did you take these pictures? They are amazing! <3

    1. says:

      Thank you, I did!

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