Altering A Wide Bulky Scarf

I’m sharing a great trick, hack whatever you prefer on how to make a favourite scarf less bulky if it allows. It’s pretty straight forward, if it’s a scarf that has frayed edges…just trim it down!

I’ve always found scarves either too bulky or too thin they don’t have the right hang. Most scarves leave me looking like I’m wearing a neck brace or bulked up like the Doctor Who Judoon inter galactic police force. It doesn’t help I like white or cream scarves either. Most of the scarves that hang just right are out of my price range and are either wool or cashmere, a no if you’re a vegan like me (though I’ve been a bad bad vegan this year. A few jumpers have 5% wool or alpaca in. I know, I know. It’s been hard finding jumpers that are man made that are warm. Then there’s plastic fibres leaking into the water systems when laundering. I can’t win).

Every winter Zara has nice scarves but are always too bulky and I’m not about to start knitting my own. I haven’t got the patience. I’ve just got enough patience to take pair of scissors to a favourite Zara scarf a few seasons old, only worn a few times as it was so bulky under a coat.

All I did was place a scarf I liked the width off on top and then trim down the Zara scarf. This is when you need as I found out good pair of fabric cutting scissors as no surprise I didn’t get a nice straight line. Maybe if I had pinned the scarves together which I now recommend doing the cut would have been straight.

Cat mat for comparison

Next up with a pin I frayed the edge. Taking the pin inbetween the strands pulling them out. This is when those straight lines come into play. It took about 20-25 minutes fraying them as I had to keep altering the how many strands to take out as the line wasn’t straight. Do one individual strand at a time not a bunch as I found out the hard way. Also don’t do it when you’re pushed for time either.

Thankfully the trimmed down edge isn’t visible once it’s on and it’s a whole lot less bulky with a big puffer coat. Please excuse the lift/escalator selfies, but for comparison of a few years you can see the difference (and the not so neat frayed edge. Insert see no evil monkey emoji)

Another scarf I trimmed down it didn’t work. After trimming I realised it need the extra length and weight (it was heavy on) to hang right. It’s okay, the cats now have a new blanket. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect scarf, but for now this trick’s doing okay until I wash it. Does anyone else find after the initial launder it’s never the same again?

Do you alter clothes, or get a tailor to do it? In the summer I’m always taking up straps

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