Back to the Future

Happy Belated Back to the Future day!

Out of all the Back to the Future day movies, I can remember growing up parts II and III. 21.10.2015 was years away! It’s amazing how much they predicted has gone from science fiction to reality. Flat screen tv’s Google glasses, video calling, sports wear as every day wear, thumb print recognition, drones and I can’t remember, but I’m sure the internet. And glitches.

Yesterday the apartment internet crashed. Red flashing lights on the both Movistar boxes. A technician was meant to fix it today. I’m writing this using a hot spot connection on my mac from my iPhone. I get the feeling it won’t be resolved over the next few days. WPC and Weekend Friday Favourites may be later than usual!

Anyways, I thought it’ll be fun to share my favourite movies growing up. Most of them were shown over Christmas featuring a huge premier and another big premier around Easter. Miss it and well, you missed it. No Netflix, no watching when you liked. Missed the start you missed the start unless you set the video recorder and if you set it wrong, 3/4 of a movie!

Movies around Christmas were always my favourite as they added to the excitement and magic of Christmas. I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV growing up, which is why I loved staying with my Grandma and Grandpa. I could watch all the TV I wanted! I watched the news and tolerated football with my Grandpa, occasionally my Grandma joined me to watch an afternoon black and white movie. If my parents went out for the evening, my brother let me stay up to watch Red Drawf with him. As soon as we heard their car or saw headlights coming up the track (we lived in the countryside), I ran upstairs to be bed! If it was past my brother curfew, pray they didn’t check the back of the TV for heat! My Mum only liked me watching educational shows like Blue Peter and The Clothes Show, though I was allowed to watch on a Saturday afternoon, the A-team and with my Dad, Baywatch (?!). Sunday afternoons I was addicted to the BBC Narnia series. No tv on school nights unless my brother baby sat! When he started driving and back on leave, he used to take me to the movies!

In no particular order:

All the of the Indiana Jones movies. I wanted to be Indiana Jones!

Early Star Wars. It wasn’t Christmas without Star Wars or Indiana Jones!

The Goonies. Never gets old!

The Princess Bride.

Mannequin. She’ll always be Samantha

Grease. I’ve watched it so many times, I’m nearly script perfect!

Splash. Ultimate mermaid


National Lampoon

Back to the Future


Overboard. Still one of my favourite all time movies. Love Goldie Hawn!

The Lion King

Hook. This ended up being one of my nephews favourites when Grandma and Grandpa aka my Mum and Dad looked after him when he was little. Is it me or do all Grandparents break parents rules. They’ve let both my nephews watch nearly all the tv they like, when I had limited tv!

Clueless. Cher’s wardrobe! This just makes the list as it was released during my 2nd to  last year of high school. Mid to late teens favourite movies another time!

Your favourite 80’s and 90’s movies?





  1. says:

    Great movie picks! I love the Goonies! 🙂

    1. says:

      That slide is the best!

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Nat, my absolute favourite movie is Tootsie, everyone in the cinema, laughing so much!!!

    1. says:

      I haven’t seen that one! I’ll add it to the view list 😃 Hope you’re feeling better!

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