Recycle Less: Fer À Cheval Limescale Spray Review

Welcome to Recycle Less where I share plastic free finds, tips and ways to help the environment. This edition features Fev à Cheval Limescale Spray

Okay, it’s plastic, it’s not refillable. So why is it featured in Recycle Less. What it isn’t, is a toxic down the drain into water system bathroom cleaner. When it comes to being mindful of the environment, it’s also what goes down the drain. If I could send the bottle back to be refilled I would.

I used to use a great eco friendly bathroom cleaner whose name I can’t remember. All you had to do was dilute a little into a spray bottle, spray, wipe, rinse, clean bathroom. The bottle lasted for ages. So long that when I went to repurchase nowhere locally stocked it. Some things I don’t mind buying online if I can’t get locally. If I can get it locally or a good alternative to try I’ll get it. Several bathroom cleaners later, none were attacking the limescale or soap scum well. I used to put bicarb soda on the patches for abrasion to clean. The last cleaner was lesser plastic, being a tablet you diluted. Even that however came with a hazard warning sign for the environment despite it being eco friendly. 

It’s no secret I’m a huge beauty junkie. Wandering around El Born a few months ago I came across Le Pharmacie Française. The French Pharmacy. I was enticed by Fragonard products in the window. Maybe they had Fragonard home decorations and a good hand cream. I always liked going to Fragonard Home shops in France. Likewise I’m always on the lookout for a good hand cream. No Fragonard home, however they sell brands only stocked in French pharmacies. All natural, cruelty free, I was in heaven while having a conscience of ‘oh no I can’t betray my Kbeauty brands’. It’s all good. Rose is the chosen scent of many brands sold. I’m not that keen on the scent of roses in creams. In any product I find it in stings.

In addition to selling skincare they also stock Marseille soap by Fer à Cheval. For washing dishes, hand washing clothes (separate bar) I use solid Marseille soap by La Corvette. Aside from shipping packaging no plastic waste. Initially I only purchased a Fev à Cheval solid Marsielle soap bar to try washing the dishes which I’ve yet to try as it looks a lot nicer than La Corvette. I’m undecided if to try it as a body soap or for the dishes! Later revisiting Le Pharmacie Française as I was in the area I purchased a massive bottle of floor cleaner that will last about 2-4 years, along with a surface cleaner. Impressed with the floor cleaner (post to come!) and nearing the end of current bathroom cleaner I went back for the bathroom cleaner. Le Pharmacie Française sales assistants are great. They know the products they carry, use them and happily chat about them without selling you them if you get me. 

Fev à Cheval Limescale Spray

This limescale remover is an effective 4-in-1 spray for cleaning, scale-removing and desodorising toilets, bathrooms, sinks and taps. It combines vinegar for its effectiveness against limescale and soap scum, and organic acid derived from sugar used for its disinfectant properties. 

Its unique allergen-free* formula has been developed to minimise the risks of allergies:

Composition with mutagenic, reprotoxic substances (CMR).

Use biocidal products with care. Before use, read the label and product information.

Okay, does it work after that backstory? Yes. It’s so far hands down the best non toxic bathroom cleaner I’ve found that does what it says on the label: cleans/removes limescale and removes soap scum while leaving the bathroom actually feeling clean. 

I use Aleppo soap as body soap which the grandma of Marseille soap. Some brands I’ve noticed can leave a scum as can Marseille soap when hand washing bras in the bath pouring out the bowl water (the only place I can do this). As mentioned previously I ended up using bicarb soda as a non abrasive abrasive to remove the scum and help eliminate limescale. With Fer à Cheval Limescale Spray I just spray, leave for a few minutes, wipe, rinse with water and you can feel the limescale’s eased up (perhaps gone. I don’t want to jinx the bottle just yet) gone. The stuff’s amazing! All based on Marseille soap and generation of cleaning recipes! As for scum, what’s that?

The lock spray is super easy to use. Rather than twisting the nozzle, you slide the tab on the nozzle neck either side to lock/unlock.

All the ingredients are 99%  of natural origin, non toxic, safe for the environment down the water drain being primarily of vinegar and sugars. A little goes a long way. Many of Fev à Cheval products are vegan too!

Any cons as it’s too good to be true! 

Yes. I’ve learnt not to go crazy spraying. Too much can make me cough and sting my eyes a bit as it contains vinegar. The scent also isn’t for everyone. It’s heavy scent I think to disguise the vinegar. It dissipates during the day. I’ve actually come to like it as now I know the bathroom’s clean. 

The ingredients maybe non toxic, they are flammable (ethanol from the sugars) and can irritate hands and eyes as per the warning label.

The bottle’s plastic and is one time use. I’m trying to not to be liberal spraying it also because it is expensive €10.70 for 500ml (cheaper than from Fer à Cheval own site). I did receive when buying the floor cleaner €2 voucher off my next purchase for signing up for their events making it €8.70. 

Would I recommend. 100% if you can get it locally! 

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