Recycle Less: Glass Food Containers Review

Welcome to Recycle Less where I share my tips and finds to using less plastic. This edition features glass food containers.

At the moment I’m kinda at a checkmate with recycling less or sharing plastic free finds. I’m not going out replacing all household plastic items until the said plastic item needs replacing. Therefore I don’t have many finds to share at the moment. I’ve been making do, repurposing or upcycling items such as an old ceramic bathroom soap dish that was too nice to throw away, but didn’t want it any more I saved for a few years. It’s now the kitchen solid dish soap, soap dish. I did have to buy a stand alone metal soap dish to raise it up so the bottom doesn’t gunk up. I have got Recycle Less things to find! I just have to think! 

I shared in my last Weekend Friday Favourites glass food containers. I kept seeing them Hamimommy’s YouTube vlogs and was curious as to where she got them from. A few months ago most of my current plastic food container pots needed replacing. I seemed to have more lids than pots and needed more. I found a stainless steel container with a plastic clip lid to try out however it was expensive for one container, around €7/8. I’d be broke if I replaced all the containers with stainless steel ones and that was just the smaller size! I also purchased a one off glass food container to try out. 

No lid in the oven!!!

My local hypermarket, Alcampo did a spend X amount get stamps towards chef’s range of cooking pots and pans and glass storage containers. Even with the stamps and the glass containers being half price it was still too expensive for just one container. They did have glass lids which is a huge plus. Another con was that they were concave or sloped inwards quite a bit so they wouldn’t stack. I know from experience with general tidy up bins that when they’re concave you can’t store as much in. 

The plastic inbetween packaging seals

A month later the same hypermarket had their annual summer promotion of beach items, picnic/alfresco dining items, garden furniture. Amongst the picnic section I got excited. For about €7 or half price a set of 3 different sized glass containers! They do have plastic lids, came wrapped in plastic and had a plastic protection sheet inbetween each containers but I was happy. I’d found Hamimommy’s glass food containers! I later found in Ikea they have a wide selection of different sized glass containers from square to rectangle to circular at better prices. I think Ikea’s where Hamimommy purchased hers. They should last years and if the lids break I’m hoping they can be replaced and regardless they can be used in the oven, microwave as baking trays. The lids I’m not sure how long they’ll last being clips, I’m hoping a while. Both the rectangluar and round containers are concave, greatly less than the stamps offer ones. They stack well-ish. The smaller ones at 0,3L surprisingly fit more than the eye thinks in.

Clip lids I’m hoping will last a good while!
As set they stack well. 2 sets combined they stack well-ish. It’s a small price to pay for not having plastic pots. The clip lids are more tricker to store away.

Do they work?

They’re amazing! They keep both cooked and uncooked food fresher for way longer than plastic food container pots in the fridge. They create a little vacuum seal to open helping them be air tight. Berries I’ve found keep way longer and are fresher. Rice and quinoa again keep a day to two longer than in a plastic container. Same goes for potato wedges. I’d prefer the lids to be glass, however I’m happier knowing my food isn’t stored in as much plastic. I’m sure some plastic leakage occurs both in storage and in the microwave. 

Small round Ikea glass food containers

For this reason I’m happy too to use them to reheat items in the microwave. Sometimes reheating or cooking things in a plastic pot in the microwave the plastic softens. I’m sure this causes some plastic chemical cross over into food. Being glass they’re very easy to clean, do not take on previous items smells, colour or grease. Sometimes it’s very hard to remove food smells, grease and discolouration such as tomato based dishes from plastic containers. When this happens usually the only option is for the pot to be recycled or hope that it is once placed in the recycle bin. 

I have found that that the stainless steal pot is better for storing cooked rice and quinoa than the glass ones. The round pots I purchased in Ikea, a set of 3 for €5.50, I feel the lids work better at creating more of vacuum seal and and I think will last longer not being clip lids. These rounder ones are great for pomegranate seeds, sauces and dips! No need to decant, just put on the table as they are if you’re not in to matching tableware. They are great too as small mixing bowls or on the go seed and nut snacks containers. 

These lids I personally think work a lot better. They create more of a vacuum, are less likely to break and stack easier. They are more difficult to open. This should ease in time with use.

I ended up getting another set of 3 on promotion before they when back to full price. A bazaar shop I visit sells similar however they’re about €6 for a small medium sized container. Ikea is still the best place to purchase price wise. I’ve looked at bamboo lid versions however I feel that bamboo with me isn’t the best option due to mould that can build up on it. I’m just happy to see them in regular hypermarkets so people have the option locally to reduce both plastic and food waste. I’d be happier still if the price was cheaper so even more people could use them. They are expensive however in the long run they’re a better investment than plastic food containers both to the consumer and the environment.

Thank you for stopping by! Please share in the comments below if you’re team glass food containers! 

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