Taking Back The Day!

As yesterday was National Day of Catalonia, a public holiday/dia festivo/dia festiu I took the day off. Not entirely true. I couldn’t get with it most of the day. I was so zombified Wednesday evening, nothing I wrote made sense. I allowed myself a lie in yesterday, but was so out of sync when I did get up, I felt like I was just trying to play catch up to the day and failing.

It started Wednesday morning when my legs were as heavy as my eyes running. Both woke up eventually about 4km in, half way. Not even coffee could give me a jolt. By the time I got back in the evening, caught up on blogs, news and cute animal videos, I was trying to write while taking naps. I should have just called it a day rather than try and force write something. I ended up falling asleep and no magic Brownies wrote it for me in the night. I felt more in sync after a workout in the morning (squat jump lunges will wake you up) but the day felt like a Sunday (I even found myself thinking about starting a few Sunday chores) especially as we went to the beach at Castelldefels, not a city one. It wasn’t until after a bike ride in the evening I felt with it. Just my luck 2 hours hour later tiredness hits and again, nothing I wrote made any sense. Yesterday was a bit extreme of being out of sync but when I do feel like the day’s falling away, here are some of my tips to get it back:IMG_4075

Get Moving! 

Anything that gets the heart rate up, gets blood pumping, fresh oxygen in the body, removing the sluggish or there’s to much to do feeling. It can be a workout, dancing, a run, 20 jumping jacks, a few sun salutations, a bike ride, a walk around the block. Anything to get energy moving throughout the body again. It may seem counterproductive when you’ve got a huge to do list, but it can help sort out the order of the list.


Go to another room, the bathroom, go out side (bike ride, walk around block, you get theme) take in the new surroundings. Sometimes when we remove ourselves from the puzzle we can see differently. Take some breathes, get thoughts together again and what needs to be done.


Always an energy boost! Gets blood moving, which is why you always feel more alert after drinking water. If you don’t like plain water all the time try fruit infused water, green tea (with a caffeine boost!) have some fruit or a juice. A fresh juice will really make you feel alert as it’s easy digestion for the body.

10-15 minute nap

Okay, this one isn’t for when short on time or prefer to get moving. More for when tired rather than chasing your tail. Sometimes 10 minutes nap is like a reset button for the next few hours. And I’m sure we’re all pretended to be reading at our desk and not resting our head in our hands snoozing. I know I have!


While I’d like to get everything done on my do list, the reality is it doesn’t happen. I decide what’s a priority, what can wait a day and tackle the biggest do do item. Once that’s done, I automatically feel productive, not so overwhelmed and taking back the day.

Just do it

Sometimes you just have take control and say I’m doing it NOW! What’s first!

What are you tips for getting back the day? Please share!

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