Barcelona Zoo’s great for Weekly Photo Challenges, so it’s back there again for last weeks challenge Gathering. Enjoy!

Lemur playLemur huddle, Barcelona ZooBanded Mongoose keeping warm Banded Mongoose, Barcelona ZooMouflonMouflon, Barcelona ZooFlamingosFlamingos, Barcelona ZooPigeons and Patagonian Mara’s catching rays on a cold afternoon Pigeons and Maras, Barcelona ZooGathering Weekly Photo Challenge Gathering

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

“3. That’s the magic number” I’m showing my age! I loved that song by De La Soul.

Cheese aside this weeks challenge is trio and it’s back Barcelona Zoo. Enjoy!

Three little birds. Another song I love along with the cheeky parakeets, descendants of zoo escapees that have made the city their home. Unfortunately for them, they’re spreading out beyond the city and are becoming considered a pest. But any animal who hangs around the zoo has sanctuary (they feed the feral cats) which these guys know all about. 3 little parakeetsSeagulls waiting for fish scraps, Barcelona ZooSeagulls Barcelona Zoo

Mouflon, Barcelona Zoo. These guys are the original sheep, which domestic sheep are descendants. Their eyelashes are something else! Mouflon, Barcelona ZooTrio Weekly Photo Challenge Trio

Weekly Photo Challenge Ornate

Back to Greece for this challenge! There’s a reason why I haven’t shared the many photos and mini adventures of my trip to Athens this year. I’m sure things I see on my daily travels are ornate to some, but you get used to your surroundings. When you play tourist you see things differently. Which is why Greece keeps popping up in The Daily Post’s photo challenges. Enjoy!

Drain cover, Athens. I had a only few seconds to snap this as it caught my eye crossing the road, hence it being uneven. You can even tell how heavily the road is used by the pattern worn away at the bottom.Drain cover AthensI think this is part of Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus. It must have looked mighty fancy back in the day! Sanctuary of Zeus PolieusWater tap, Stoa of Attalos, AthensTap Stoa of AttalosCharmer. Peacock, Barcelona ZooPeacock, Barcelona Zoo

Ornate Weekly Photo Challenge Ornate


Weekly Photo Challenge, Treat

Remember remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!

One thing I miss about the UK is Bonfire Night. Back in 1605 guy called Guy Fawkes (pun completely intended and it’s where we get guy from) was found attempting to blow up King James I when he was in parliament on the 5th of November. To celebrate the king was still alive, every 5th of November bonfires are lit through out the UK with a effigy of ‘a Guy’ thrown on the fire accompanied by fireworks. It’s a great time to visit the UK with public firework displays being held the weekend before or on the night.

When I was a kid, we had a bonfire and fireworks in the garden. My dad used to spend a week or 2 building it, I pestered him to mind hedgehogs and my brother, sister and I made a guy out of old clothes and newspaper. We cheered on my Dad lighting fireworks and watched the fire burn while eating tomato soup and bread rolls my mum baked. Oh and sparklers! How can I forget making wishes and writing my name with sparklers! In London, I turned the TV up loud for Mr AJ who’s never really be bothered by fireworks after his 1st Bonfire night and watched London light up from the windows!

This weeks photo challenge is Treat. Treat for me is travelling, taking time out for a pedicure even if it’s DIY, a trip to the movies, the physio, coffee out or just watching TV snuggled up with the cats for once. I always knew growing up my life was not to be in the UK. I didn’t know how it would happen but thanks to P, it did. I always thought it’ll be America, but Spain ain’t so bad! Enjoy!

Trip to Athens, Greece in August this year.

Aegean SeaAegean SeaSunset Aegean Sea

Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus, Acropolis Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus

Sunset over Athens from Parliament Sunset AthensRainbows! Always a treat to see!RainbowAnd how can I forget ice-cream! Vegan ice cream which is a treat at €4.50 for 3 scoops as 2 scoops ain’t enough!La Heladeria MexicanaTreat Weekly Photo Challenge Treat